Lightning Returns: Shaking the spin-off curse

With Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on the way, how can Square Enix dodge the curse of its spin-off titles? By learning from its past. Red Bull Gaming takes a sideways look at Square Enix's greatest mistakes in the Not-So-Final Fantasy franchise, and how the latest title can avoid making the same ones.

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rextraordinaire1500d ago

Source link's not working here.

knifefight1500d ago

LOL the article calls the game "Final Fantasy XIII-3"

CLOUD19831500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Here a link that work:

In the end there is no FF sequel or spin-off game that was good, there was some good remakes & that's it, SE must stop with the sequels every sequel they did is garbage anyway & no1 want them, SE is not Square Soft they suck at story telling, imo it will be better if they focus on new games or remakes as long they just enhance the visuals/audio/video etc & don't alter story or gameplay elements.

DragonKnight1500d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics is a spin off that's fantastic.

CLOUD19831500d ago

You can't call Tactics a spin-off this game belong on it's own category the FF-strategy main series I repeat this is not a spin-off in any way because it have nothing to do with any previous FF games like Dirge of Cerberus or Crisis Core for example.

DragonKnight1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

@CLOUD1983: Sorry but it doesn't work that way. FF13-2 and 13-3 are sequels, not spinoffs, Tactics is a spinoff, not a sequel. It doesn't have to have a connection to any game in the main series. It's Final Fantasy Tactics, meaning part of the franchise but not of the main series, meaning a spinoff.

**EDIT** Technically speaking, FFXII is a spinoff of Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, which is a spinoff of Final Fantasy Tactics, if we go by your logic.

CLOUD19831499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

@DragonKnight W/e man I can't see Tactics as a spin-off it's a whole different category, for me a spin-off must have have some kind of relation with past FF's, FF Tactics was nothing like that u can say that this game belong to it's own category & it's the only game with this kind of battle system SE could make a new one in the future & name it Tactics 2 for example, u never know as long they could find some1 trustworthy to give it a try :)

Still I believe what I said that every spin-off (exclude Tactics) & Sequel SE did for FF was trash didn't like anything & most of them went terrible sales-wise anyway SE messing around too much & not focused on things that matters like to improve the main series or maybe create some remakes fans beg them for years now to do (FFVII gu-hu gu-hu).

DragonKnight1499d ago

You must not have played many of the non main series FF games then if you think all of them are trash.

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rextraordinaire1500d ago

Most Crystal Chronicles games were fun.