Lionhead hints at "cutting edge" new game, not necessarily Fable Legends

OXM: Just a few days ago, Lionhead Studios posted up a job listing for a technical director to helm a "cutting edge" new game. A few days before that, the company also called for a senior services engineer to join its ranks "as a key contributor on an exciting and ambitious new title". Well now - got something you'd like to tell us, Microsoft?

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Septic1677d ago

Well, it might still be Fable Legends but let's see. Here's hoping its a new I.P

dirigiblebill1677d ago

In b4 Fable 4 demands. I'd prefer a new IP too, or perhaps a reboot - Black & White could be awesome with Kinect and touch controls.

Septic1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

That would be the best use of Kinect yet. Black & White- b*tch slap a giant cow in the face.

dirigiblebill1677d ago

I was thinking more of throwing huge boulders at villages but cow-slapping works too :D

UnHoly_One1677d ago

lmao, good memories there.

mewhy321677d ago

IMO Lionhead hasn't been relevant for a while now.

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christocolus1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


I dont think its fable legends. There was an article sometime last year about some other projects in development at lionhead and one of those projects was rumored to use the kate and milo tech.

It also seems like alot of people want Black and white to return but i would rather they brought back Age of Mythology,with proper kinect integration that game would be awesome.

lifeisgamesok1677d ago

I wonder how many games Microsoft really has in development

Phil Spencer did say they have more games being developed now than ever before

WitWolfy1677d ago


Mister_Dawg1677d ago

Do these guys hold the licence for the old Bullfrog games such as dungeon keeper or magic carpet, or even populous? They've got some great old games from the amiga days.

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DeadRabbits1677d ago

I often wonder how great it would be for M$ to just focus on publishing games for other Formats!

demonddel1677d ago

Sony has better developers I would them

nukeitall1677d ago

Doesn't matter which one has devs, because that is a matter of opinion, but I play more Gears, CoD and Blizzard games than anything.

Halo is good too, and so is Uncharted.

modesign1677d ago

get ready for the fable rail shooter for xbone.

True_Samurai1677d ago

Smdh what a waste of a bubble :-( are you sad because ms has a stronger exclusive line up?

Ko_Uraki1677d ago

I would like to see a new IP with a single player campaign

specialguest1677d ago

For a moment there while glancing at the image, I thought it was another Killzone post. Looks almost like a helghast with a hoodie on haha

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