Dean Hall Never Considered Rust a DayZ Clone: "It's a great game"

Bohemia's Dean Hall declares that Rust is no DayZ clone, and he believes it to be a great game in its own right.

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xPhearR3dx1648d ago

I've always viewed Rust as more of a base building game. Obviously both games goal is to survive, but with Rust, I'm always finding new ways to build and defend a better base from bandits and never stray too far away from home. Where as in DayZ, I'm all over the place trying to survive moving from location to location.

kaiserfranz1648d ago

If only one of them, at least, was polished already...

xPhearR3dx1648d ago

Rust is pretty polished. I mean they're both in early Alpha, so I don't expect this amazing polished product. For an alpha though Rust is impressive. I've encountered very little bugs. Obviously the animations, sound, etc will be improved, but that's over time and part of being in early access.

DayZ on the other hand, is filled with bugs. The most annoying, being that zombies still run through the damn doors.

Saryk1648d ago

Bought this for my oldest son and he loves it. I would not consider this a clone of Dayz.