Nintendo Apologizes for Missing TVii European Launch in 2013

Nintendo was supposed to launch TVii in Europe last year. They addressed the issue on their UK website.

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weekev151589d ago

Hmm I wonder if ive driven them to make this announcement. For the past week I have been a pain in the customer services ass tryin to find out if there is gonna ever be a tvii service in the uk. Keep getting vague answers as expected.

Nevers0ft1589d ago

I've always wondered exactly how well they could do TVii in Europe to be honest. The market over here is far more fractured than in the US - in the UK alone I can think of about 10 different ways to receive pay-TV.

To be honest, I'd be happier if Nintendo implemented a full universal remote in the controller instead. It has an IR transceiver so a "learning" remote feature should be pretty straightforward.

weekev151589d ago

I just want to watch football and have the stats up the side at the same time, Im a total numbers geek.

But yeah currently the universal remote is pretty good, if it did Sky+ it would be the dogs bollocks.

Diako22101589d ago

The damage has already been done, not just with Nintendo TV but Wii U marketing from 2011-2014

MrTimesplitters1588d ago

Why would nintendo need to market the Wii U in 2011? The Wii U launched in 2012. So you mean 2012-2014, but it doesnt matter anyway because you are dead wrong.