[MWEB GameZone Review] Silent Age Episode One – A Tale for the Ages

MWEB GameZone reviews Silent Age, a point and click adventure game with a brilliant story delivered through simplistic graphics and sound that create an astounding atmosphere.

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HanCilliers1589d ago

You've totally hooked me, great review

Sillicur1589d ago

Cant wait for episode two, awesome story, a must play!

DesVader1589d ago

A triumph for the average joe :). Nicely conceptualised game. Certainly worth a look.

Sillicur1589d ago

It is just so brilliant that they named the character Joe!

schmoe1589d ago

Nice write and nice score, ok then, if you say so.....

Sillicur1589d ago

Go for it you will not be dissapointed!