Mario Kart 8 Release Date Leaked?

South African retailer Takealot has listed Mario Kart 8 as well as making the title available for pre-order. This is pretty standard practice, but what really got our attention is that they also posted a release date for the game. The release date, according to Takealot, is set for the 31st of March 2014 which ties in perfectly with the announced American release period of “Spring 2014″.

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Concertoine1644d ago

that wouldnt bode well for nintendo because their fiscal year ends on that date :l i think its a placeholder.
if i was them i'd do everything in my power to get MK8 out in very early march, give it time to make money and sell consoles.

Vegamyster1644d ago

They should do a MK8 bundle and go full out on advertising.

Summons751644d ago

They probably will do a bundle. If not when it release probably for the holiday.

gedden71644d ago

I agree! But if you know Nintendo they don't care about that, they only care if the game is ready.

admiralvic1644d ago

March 31 is a Monday, which is not a day Nintendo typically releases games. They use to like Sunday, but now are doing a lot of Friday releases, so that alone makes me question it. This day is also 1 day before Spring, which means the date is the last day of Q1, which is almost always a placeholder.

starfox0791644d ago

Please be true with this game I'm making it my No1 Online fix with Nintendo saying its going Hardcore with this version wow.

Bring It.........

caseh1644d ago

'with Nintendo saying its going Hardcore with this version'

I find that VERY hard to believe.

Shinox1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Technically , Mario Kart 8 remind me a lot of Crash Team Racing , i think this game looks like a true successor of CTR and that's what made me excited for it besides all the Mario Kart racing games , Just hoping Naughty dog making a new CTR :x

starfox0791644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Mariokart has always been hardcore except wii version think of that as a less competitive mariokart with MK8 they have bought bk everything that makes it competitive again rebalanced weapons the lot and with 12 players online Mariokart TV and MiiVerse wow can't wait.......

Without tight gameplay competitiveness goes out the window ie why Mariokart has always been HARDCORE end of guys it's a known fact Caseh.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1643d ago


nope Diddy Kong Racing is what MK8 really is getting from.

Geobros1644d ago

I don't like Monday 31 March, i would say Thursday or Friday for a game like this....

GenericNameHere1644d ago

March 31st?? Aren't release dates placed on the last day of any month just placeholders? GameStop and Amazon do these a lot. Do games even release on the last day of any month? Don't Nintendo games usually release on Sundays? March 31st is a Monday. I call this false. It will probably release in the middle of April or May, not the last day of March.

admiralvic1643d ago

"March 31st?? Aren't release dates placed on the last day of any month just placeholders?"

It's end of the quarter. Q1 ends on March 31, so if it was suppose to launch in Q1, then they would put a March 31 release date.

"Do games even release on the last day of any month? Don't Nintendo games usually release on Sundays?"

Nintendo likes Friday now, but it's all over the place. Like Pokemon X and Y came out on Saturday, though I recall most recent games (Mario, Zelda, Zelda, etc) releasing on Friday.

GenericNameHere1643d ago

Nintendo likes Fridays now? Any reason why they decided this switch?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1643d ago



DC7771644d ago

Probably just a placeholder which should mean it comes out before that.

Deadpoolio1644d ago

You do realize that placeholder dates usually mean the relase is AFTER that right? Aside from 3/31/14 being a monday

DC7771643d ago

I'm sure that's true sometimes but wasn't for the end of year ones.

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