Watch Dogs in late March?

When Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs was not going to make the release date of both console systems, we can hardly say that we were surprised. While there are a number of theories as to exactly why Ubisoft moved the release date till Spring of this year, but beyond saying that the title needed more development time, no specifics where ever confirmed.

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extermin8or1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Prefer febbor april... march has mgs5:ground zeroes and infamous already :/ ibfact if this rumour is accurate they now all release same day.... ffs

abstractel1593d ago

I'd take early march release, and then have Infamous a couple of weeks later. MGS:GZ will surely be great but it's not really a full game.

Ausbo1593d ago

I hope its in april too. With titanfall coming that month is full for me.

AngelicIceDiamond1593d ago

Forg god sakes please. This game got announced at E3 2012 and its still not out now.

Ubi needs to get on the ball with this game.

Ripsta7th1593d ago

So we can have another BF4 situation? No thanks i rather wait and have em release something that is playable

ruefrak1593d ago

It's still ahead of The Last Guardian at this point.

videgamenext11593d ago

And final fantasy versus 13 which got announced in 2006 and had to get re-announced last year. And probably wont be out until 2017

Goro1593d ago

Watch Dogs vs inFamous: Second Son.

Salooh1593d ago

To me it's more like Watch Dogs + inFamous: Second Son XD .

moodymofo1593d ago

lol . YES. i like the way you think

martinezjesus19931593d ago

The question is which one to play first xD

Meltic1593d ago

I live near ubisoft in Malmo in sweden and ive Heard from diffrent people there that Watch dogs is their nr 1 now. They want it done fast. But Lars bonde creater of the cinematic scenes told me that Watch dogs got several bugs so they fixing that. March is false date. They wont release it when other good games is released same month. Late june is the date.

Salooh1593d ago

Usually games don't release in summer . I wouldn't mind if they released it at that time where there are no games at all. I dunno why developers only focus at the first and end of the year. If no one is challenging you big profit will come to you. That's how i see it..

R00bot1593d ago

I hope so, it needs to release before everyone forgets about it. If it had released as a launch title for the PS4 and Xbox One then it could have done really well, but now it looks like it'll get drowned out by other big releases..
Also, getting this for the Wii U because the closest game I have to this on it right now is ACIV.

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The story is too old to be commented.