Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Beta Review | GES

Hard to believe, but it has finally happened. A Blizzard title that does not end with the suffix -craft? The “Team Five” developers (Elite) have been hard at work outside their comfort zone to bring us their current “work-in-progress” title Hearthstone. I was fortunate enough to receive my Closed Beta invitation early December 2013, and just like a Subtlety Spec Rogue, this title has snuck in taken advantage of my soft spot for unique game titles and is quickly becoming one of my larger time consuming pastimes.

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thezeldadoth1593d ago

beta "review"

those used to be called previews

Debaitable1593d ago

The title does end with the suffix -craft

Genki1593d ago

The subtitle ends with -craft.

Either way, a pretty ignorant statement to make when they've got multiple Diablo games under their belt. Then there's All stars in development, as well as Project Titan, whatever that ends up being.