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EA Achieves the Impossible - SimCity in Offline Mode

MWEB GameZone writes: "[EA] at no point mentions how the company overcame the major technical hurdles that made a single player, totally offline SimCity an impossible feat. We're just all supposed to be happy and cheer hurrah, without asking any questions about how EA managed the impossible." (EA, PC, SimCity)

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Sillicur  +   561d ago
Looks like EA lied about it, which does not surprise me one bit. Yet i am happy that Simcity will have an offline mode after all.
HanCilliers  +   561d ago
Oh my! Well well done to EA for finally getting this right :P
Zaphire  +   561d ago
Wow only now...
plut0nash  +   561d ago
DRM removed? Sounds like a trend to me.
Choc_Salties  +   561d ago
I like your average building game as much as the next person, but that one has to go through the process to get here in the first place is inexcusable...
bosbvok  +   561d ago
Its about time :)
0pie  +   561d ago
By the title, "ea achieve the impossible" i tought ea released a game without any micro transaction that work on day 1
OrangePowerz  +   561d ago
Surprise EA removes the bogus DRM ehm sorry I meant mandatory cloud features when sales don't move much anymore and piracy isn't anymore an issue because of how long the game is out now.
lord zaid  +   561d ago
Now that you mention it, perhaps this trend of releasing buggy ass games is a deliberate attempt to curb piracy. It's the kind of idea that is so stupid it might actually work... not.

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