EA Achieves the Impossible - SimCity in Offline Mode

MWEB GameZone writes: "[EA] at no point mentions how the company overcame the major technical hurdles that made a single player, totally offline SimCity an impossible feat. We're just all supposed to be happy and cheer hurrah, without asking any questions about how EA managed the impossible."

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Sillicur1650d ago

Looks like EA lied about it, which does not surprise me one bit. Yet i am happy that Simcity will have an offline mode after all.

HanCilliers1650d ago

Oh my! Well well done to EA for finally getting this right :P

plut0nash1650d ago

DRM removed? Sounds like a trend to me.

Choc_Salties1650d ago

I like your average building game as much as the next person, but that one has to go through the process to get here in the first place is inexcusable...

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