Former Resistance & Skylanders Developer says Nintendo made the Wii U easy to Develop on

Mike 'Dodger' Stout, a game developer who worked on franchises such as Ratchet & Clank, Resistence Fall of Man, and Skylanders, has said Nintendo made the Wii U easy to develop for. And the info in Eurogamer's article was based on "really really old info".

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for we are many1651d ago

The Nintendo smear campaign started before the Wii U was released and even before the 3DS was released, and continued with anonymous source after the other and all were like music to the fanboy ears, admittedly this campaign achieved some results in the case of Wii U and also earlier on in the life span of 3DS, but the 3DS did a phenomenal comeback by delivering hit after hit from 1st/2nd party studios and 3rd party exclusive collaborations that were tailored to the unique capabilities of 3DS, games you can't play anywhere else.
The Wii U has started to receive many high quality exclusives with many more on the horizon that are tailored to the architecture of the console and its unique features. I want Nintendo to further augment that stream of exclusives and continue to push more games and collaborations as much as possible a' la 3DS. I have a Wii U and I really enjoy its features and games and I am looking forward to the games that are coming for Wii U in 2014 more than any other system I have.

NatureOfLogic1651d ago

I wish WiiU was successful, so Nintendo fanboys could go back into their caves. I forgot how annoying Nintendo fanboys can be. There's no conspiracy, just a underpowered Wii that plays the usual Mario games.

Theyellowflash301651d ago

And the PS4 is just a weak PC that plays the usual Call of Duty games

for we are many1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

"Fanboys", "caves", "underpowered wii" you must be an angry, lonely soul bro. loosen up, it's for your own good.

@Theyellowflash30, I completely agree, PC isn't ONLY More powerful graphics and performance wise, the games are cheaper in price, mod-able, with better, more diverse control options, Backward Compatibility and FREE Online<<<<< FACTS. Almost all games that you'll find on ps4 can be found on X1 and PC with Kinect options and better online experience in case of X1 and better experience all around on PC. That's why in this generation I went with Wii U + PC, that way I can have Nintendo-gold standard quality games and the best performance for 3rd party multiplats on PC, I might get an X1 down the road with a price drop, at least it has kinect and xbox live which gave me a better experience last gen than sony's ps3.

Theyellowflash301651d ago

Yup, I got a 3DS, Wii U, and PC. I don't think I need anything else. I'll get a PS4 5 to 6 years from now when its cheap and has a ton of great single player RPGs like FF, KH, and stuff.

wheresmymonkey1651d ago

You're right, there isn't a conspiracy. Its just that there's no such thing as impartial journalism these days and having a pop at the weird kid is guarenteed hits.

The saddest thing is that people don't see unamaned source and cry BS! regardless of the article they just accept it as fact because it aligns with their own biases.

As far as the wiiu goes, sure it plays mario, it also plays CoD, Splinter Cell, Injustice, Arkham city/origins, zombiu, wonderful 101 and soon Bayonetta 2.

stragomccloud1651d ago

You've just proved a lot of people's points. Misinformation and idiot fanboys are to blame for a lot of the Wii U's troubles.

I love how Sony fanboys play the power card when comparing to Nintendo consoles. But when PC gamers call them out, they claim it's all about the games, and that graphics don't really matter. Hypocrites.

Chrischi19881651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Annoying are those, who dont accept, that others have different opinions, annoying are those, who cant have fun with their console and have to go to a other plattforms news area and bash the other console and act like they are the king and if somebody says something against it, they are annoying so annoying. Guess what, the most annoying here is you. You cant accept that others have different opinions. Your are a mere fanboy, the worst kind of it, sorry, but it had to be said. Dont come here and act like you are the king, just because you own a PS4, go back into your cave, go back to your news page for PS4 news and stay away here and dont comment such BS.

"OH I have a PS4, it is the most powerful, in terms of hardware, so its the best and anyone who says any different is a stubborn idiot."

No, thats not how it works, you are a child.

Only acting like power counts and that is all, games are bad, if they dont have PS4 graphics, but it is mean and uncalled for, if PC gamers tell the truth and say, if graphics is all that matters, get a PC, it is way better then on PS4. You guys are the worst and dont even know it.

I am talking about fanboys, you are not a fanboy, just because you own and like your PS4.

wonderfulmonkeyman1650d ago

Way to ignore all the other great games, while simultaneously forgetting the PS2 in your haste to slam a system for being weak.
If you honestly think that slamming the Wii U isn't the popular thing right now, you haven't been paying attention.

DarkHeroZX1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )


Can you please explain to me how XBL is better than PSN. I have yet to see how at all. And why would I spend $100 more for a feature that most devsarent incorporating? That's just plan silly. While there is no need to be a fanboy you dont have to be silly. In terms of gaming I have to say PS4 is definitely better but you are right about PC being the best.

Highlife1650d ago

I have a ps3,wiiu,wii,pc,ps2,ps1,nes,sn es, GameCube,n64,genesis,3do,intel ivision,vita,psp,3ds,Android, and probably some I am forgetting.


lilbroRx1650d ago

The dev is simply telling the truth. Though you aren't even addressing the actual dev statement.

Now if someone were to say this right here. This exact statement in a Sony article with these exact words, they would have gotten marked down for trolling/offtopic or something almost immediately.

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iamnsuperman1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

The 3DS did a phenomenal come back after a huge price cut (which ate into their profit so much they had to release the 2DS) and good releases. Then it started selling at a fast rate than the Vita so the third party jumped on it (hard to develop a 3DS game that would also be appropriate for the Vita) which the Vita can't contend with (the gap is too big). The situation is different for the Wii U. They have had some good releases so far (with some big ones hopefully coming this year) and they have had a small price cut (not sure how far they could reistically go down with an expensive controller), yet it isn't selling well. That's because its competition has exploded out of the gate and will continue to get third part support because it has a healthy growth.

You cant say because the 3DS had success so the Wii U will be fine. The situation is vastly different. The Vita failed to capitalise on the 3DS' trouble period which gave Nintendo enough time to make corrections. The Wii U doesn't have that opportunity

lilbroRx1650d ago

This false from the start.

The 2DS has nothing to do with Nintendo losing money because they were posting a profit. They were making pure profit off the 3DS and have been for over a year. The 2DS was made for people who can't or are advised not to use the 3D function like small children and to offer a cheaper option in time for Pokemon X/Y which was aimed at small children.

Major game releases are what skyrocketed the 3DS sales moreso than anything else. The price drop did some but no where near as much.

The problem with the Wii U is purely in the games and marketing department. They need more major titles in shorter intervals to keep sales up and the titles simply aren't ready.

GenericNameHere1651d ago

"Nintendo smear campaign"? Whoa there buddy, you're taking this way too seriously. There is NO Nintendo smear campaign. The PS3 and 3DS had haters because they launched at a really expensive price, and both had no compelling games at launch. People are just calling out and mad at the Nintendo Wii U for having such an underpowered console.

You might point to Super Mario Bros 3D World to disprove this, but that's based on art, not pure technical power. If developers decide to make highly beautiful games based on cartoony artstyle instead of realistic, do you seriously think they won't look good on the PS4/Xbone? Look at Puppeteer for the PS3. You probably haven't heard of it because it went bomba, but it has a cartoony artstyle that just looks gorgeous. You might think Nintendo has the advantage of having games look a lot better and cleaner due to the cartoony artstyle, but so do the PS4/Xbone if developers choose to make their games this way on them. And, unlike the Wii U, will also have power to make games look realistic enough.

@natureoflogic and theyellowflash30
Please. Please. Stop it. You're both crazy. The Wii U is not an underpowered Wii. That's asinine talk. The Wii U will have billions of rehash Mario games, but it will also have next gen Zelda, next gen Metroid (hopefully), X, a revival of Yoshi, etc. It's also a much weaker Xbone, which is also weaker than PS4, which is weaker than a PC. So that makes the Wii U the weakest yet still expensive console device for your Mario needs. Same as the PS4/Xbone. It will be filled with the yearly rehashed COD and Battlefield and Madden games, but will also have the next-gen versions of Uncharted, Halo, God/Gears of War, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, etc. So really, both of your arguments are stupid because each have their own cons and pros.

Again at for we are many
Yes, a lot of PS4/Xbone multiplats will also be on PC due to their near identical specs, but I like to think of them as options. You might get an Xbone because it has the "best online" (lol, there are people who still think this), normal running multiplatform games, and the exclusive Xbone games. You might get a PS4 because you know Sony always gives their consoles support after the current gen is over, you know that they have really great exclusives that you can't wait to play, and the multiplats will look better on it. Or if you can afford it, the PC because the multiplats will look best on it, be mod-able, etc.

Good for you for having a plan of having a Wii U + PC. I'll just stick with PS4, as I don't like to pretend I have a PC. Just as you probably don't care about PS4/Xbone first party exclusives, I also don't like Nintendo's first-party games (except for Pokémon). I can live without having played the next-gen Marios or Zelda. Same as X or Wonderful 101 or Bayonetta 2. The PS4/Xbone will also have Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV, Metal Gear Solid v, etc., and so far, despite developers pondering about PC versions of these games, they are still not coming to the PC.

for we are many1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

@Generic: "pretend to have a PC" You don't know me, and you think I pretend. Check my ID on Steam: for_wii_are_many and then come back and talk, boy.

Lol, you compare SM3DW to puppeteer?!
SM3DW LOOKS, PERFORMS and PLAYS better than the 1st party exclusive knack, which went down the drain like all sony mascots.

I played and finished almost every sony exclusive, (again: my psn id: forwearemany if u wanna check that) and while some of them are really good, I generally don't like games that pretend to be movies, more flash, less substance, focus on cut-scenes, action set-pieces, QTEs with hand holding and derivative Gameplay(Heavy rain, UC, TLOU and Beyond Two Souls as examples) and No amount of hype or tech jargon can change my preference, I like my games Old-school, with great art-style, performance, polish and above all GAMEPLAY which Nintendo has consistently provided in spades with their games for almost thirty years now. I also happen to prefer Halo over KZ, Dead Rising over knack and Titanfall over infamous, that might upset you as a sony fan, but there's that thing that's called opinion, you know.

Wii U is a great console to play Nintendo quality exclusives and the odd 3rd party games that utilise its architecture and features well(eg: Deus EX DC, NFS MW U, Rayman Legends, ZombiU)
It had seen great exclusive games and more are on the way. The gamepad is an excellent controller with great features for games, web browser and Netflix too, off-TV play has become an indispensable feature for me and my family, Miiverse is very cool and actually addictive. It might have less power than ps4/x1 but it's a No slouch either(look at SM3DW, Bayonetta 2, MK8, X, SSB, Pikmin 3) it's a cost effective, tightly designed console that's at least 200-100$ less than X1/ps4 with free online and Full Backward Compatibility(I played and finished M Galaxy 2, DKCR and Xenoblade on it actually).
I didn't mean to say that this is a "conspiracy" in a political sense, but you gotta be blind not to see the amount of hate, half truths and "smear" that Nintendo gets despite being consistent in their quality, feeding off primitive fanboy excitement over any negative news about NT, and on the other hand catering to fanboys and prematurely praising sony to high heaven even in the face of mediocrity of key exclusives like knack and kz, hardware failure reports, transitioning into paid online, lack of Backward Compatibility and failure of the vita, heck they even try to spin the vita as a Wii U killer, hypocrisy at its finest!


'a lot of PS4/Xbone multiplats will also be on PC due to their near identical specs'....... PAHAHAHA! Funniest, most misguided and ignorant comment on here.

johndoe112111650d ago

I won't comment on this article because if you could have gotten so many downvotes for having the most sensible, logical and unbiased post, it shows the blind fanaticism of the general readers in this lobby.

Granted I don't necessarily agree with every single thing you wrote but most of it made complete sense and is spot on.

Apparently the trend is to disagree with people if they don't support your preferred system, even if they are making sense. Hence the reason so many of these companies will continue to shove pure sh!t down our throats, because they will always have supporters.

Highlife1650d ago

@we are many
"that might upset you as a sony fan, but there's that thing that's called opinion, you know."

So you say this and get all hot and bothered about other's opinions. WOW

I could go on about how x system is better than that system but honestly who the hell cares. Everyone likes different things and that's ok.

Hooray for games.

for we are many1650d ago

@highlife: You can Cherry-Pick as you like, but if you could just scroll up you'll find out who started this and said "pretend to have a PC, fanboy, cave". Thanks, sir.

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DC7771651d ago

Some devs and companies like EA are probably just ticked off that their Wii U ports sold poorly. Kind of a dumb argument though since obviously if you port the game to all consoles people are going to buy it for the 360, ps3 they already own. Only 3rd party exclusives will make a difference.

gedden71650d ago

Well Said! 10 people are scared of this and don't or wont have much to play on their "next gen" consoles....

fatstarr1650d ago

N4G sure is a different looking place now.

did all the sony fans leave or something?

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ritsuka6661651d ago

Eurolamer got owned again. OUCH!

hatsume-miku1651d ago

But if it's true that Eurogamer wants to boycott Nintendo and the Wii U, why did they choose SM3DW as their GOTY?

gravelchalice1651d ago

The WiiU is a really good console that I've had a lot of fun with. If you look at the games available for it, there's a very low amount of rubbish. Most of its titles are of a high quality. It has a plethora of issues that make it a hard sell to people but when you get your hands on it, it's a great console. I've played a lot more of it than my PS4 since owning the new sony platform. People often say a console is only as good as it's games, the WiiU isn't doing so badly on that front. It really needs publishers support to help its chances.

MsmackyM1650d ago

I completely agree, the Wii U has plenty of unique gems you can't find anywhere else. Also their local multiplayer games reign supreme with the gamepad having it's own screen. My launch day PS4 rarely ever get turned on an that's the truth, there just aren't any games worth playing on it at the moment. My WiiU and 3ds have made me a very happy gamer.

gravelchalice1650d ago

The 3DS was in a terrible slump at launch & had a very bleak future. After a price drop and in 2013 it had one of the greatest software lineups any calender has seen. I hope the WiiU can do the same thing, it isn't an impossibility. It is less accessible than the 3DS but like you say, it offers a unique experience that no other console offers.

Geobros1651d ago

Finally another one who says who is he and he gives us his opinion. Im starting to be afraid that eurogamer article was really false....

CBaoth1651d ago

Why? Mike Stout didn't even refute it, just said "that report is based off really really old info". Did you see him call it an outright lie? Or say it was inaccurate? No, I saw the Eurogamer article and took away 3 things from it; the 6 months leading up to ANY platform launch is chaotic, they have no clue about online gaming, and more importantly Nintendo looks at 3rd parties as "fillers" to a platform's library. So please do tell why these assumptions are false.

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