Battlefield 4out - Why Releasing A Broken Game Isn't Right

Kevin decided to share his opinion on the Battlefield 4 saga.

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SirBradders1558d ago

I think people are well within their rights to return the game for a full refund (here in england you have a set number of days) but for digital purchases a law needs to be passed whereby if you can justfiy the game is a mess then your entitled to your money back.

Tru_Blu1558d ago

Exactly. I did the ps3 to ps4 upgrade with the digital version so I'm stuck with it. This game single handedly made me very hesitant to by anything digital again. With the disc at least you can trade it in and get something back at the very least.

Fishy Fingers1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Even upon release when the issues were prolific I still wouldn't consider returning it. Being a long serving servant to our gaming overloads, this isn't the first time I've experienced a p*** poor launch. Certainly won't be the last.

BF4 has commanded my PS4 disc tray more or less none stop since launch. It's still the most fun I've had on next gen.

MWong1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

While I love DICE, I am still a little mad at the games release. To me BF4 has been their worse release to date (I've been playing BF since BF:BC). I wanted to return it at one point, however I did have faith that DICE would fix the game, which they are doing. The game is still fun to me, but I am not mad at people who want a full refund they deserve it from the awful launch. Also Premium members are still missing 2nd Assault ... so not mad at anybody that wants their money back. EA should give all Premium members a refund for buy the additional service.

Still, BF4 has been my most played game so far this next gen also.

SmoothC9111558d ago

I desperately want this game to be right--when it has worked (rarely; it seems like their netcode is the main problem) it's been epic. It's been unplayable more often than not though. I've dialed back my playing until it's fixed, and to be honest, I really don't miss it like I did when I wasn't playing BF3. This will greatly affect the next BF release; what a shame...

liquidhalos1558d ago

I really wanted this game for the ps4 however i was put off by the articles and comments on N4G, i asked my local game store if i could have a go on BF4 and i was told that they werent allowed to put BF4 in the demo ps4 for customers to play. (they gladly let us test any other game) (100% true, game store cheltenham, uk, some time around the 3rd of jan)

Thats just shady and wrong. A game so broken that retailers are wont allow you to see it run before you buy it. BF3 was my biggest addiction, i bought it on release and never bought, borrowed or rented anything else until GTA V. Im gutted and like the author, im done with EA