Broken Age Getting A Season Pass, But No Early Access

AllThatsEpic: It’s a typical, “do you want the good news, or bad news” scenario for indie developers Double Fine. After the much anticipated Kickstarter, Broken Age made its way to its sought after goal of $400,000, Double Fine was preparing themselves to start work on the newest point and click adventure. So, as word from a recently released blog update, it seems that some of those paid for benefits may come colored in a different shade.

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Rockefellow1673d ago

I tried to read through this article, but I couldn't make it past all those misused commas. The flow of the article is completely hindered by amateur writing, which is a shame, as I really want to find out more about this. It isn't the first time Double Fine has taken advantage of the beloved fans that they only see as open wallets.