Ways to Tell You're an Aging Gamer

How can you tell you're an aging old-school gamer? GameDaily break down the warning signs.

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Tempist3876d ago

Oh classic.

I think they should also do a Jaded gamer list.

Genesis53876d ago

Well that was a trip down memory lane.

CadDad3876d ago

I prefer Antique to Aging.

It has more of a sense of worth.


Gish3876d ago

Ok, I just turned 29 and figured they would be hitting up things on here that I would relate to more than from my first few years of life. WOOHOO I am not old yet! Oh well, I guess I will be soon enough and they will be making fun of the things I loved back in the day.

OOG3876d ago

geez im 22 and have been gaming since I was 3 and I am feeling old playing games sometimes.....due to the fact that there are way to many kids that play games online now that well are extremely immature and most kids that game now are just way to whiney everything?????? esp graphics

Also the kids who say they never played Goldeneye and Zelda and other classics that were not that long ago.... that lets you know how young half these lil bastards are

hotrider123876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

some of those games should be up-dated except E.T. game
yes Im a old school gamer Im 49.. would love to see a new contra, r-type shooter, G-darius, gradius, metal slug etc.....

OOG3876d ago

people are gonna think im possibly retarded for saying this but Gears of War to me is kinda what I would picture a new Contra to be has many things that just remind of contra especially some of the bosses

sak5003876d ago

Wow so i can safely game for another 12 years without guilt.

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The story is too old to be commented.