How ‘PlayStation Now’ can win Gamers over

onPause writes:

"Games media got a hold of the tech in a relatively real world scenario at CES and says it works pretty well with some input lag and the Beta for PlayStation Now starts this month for you to try for yourself. The big question remains, do we care?"

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UltimateMaster1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Just thinking.
They are releasing PS3 games and latter enhanced PS2 and PS1 games, but still be cool to have a selection of your all-time favorite games easy to access anywhere anytime.

Tough, I don't want physical disc to cease to exist so I might as well invest there too.

SquareSoft1650d ago

PlayStation Now providing a game graphically, technically not possible on PS4 console.

Better Graphics, Bigger World, Destructible Environment. Advance physics for Hair, Clothing, Water, Sand, Clothing. Huge Characters customization option.

jonboi241650d ago

What would really make this more awesome is if they streamed games from other systems, like the Dreamcast.

mcroddi1650d ago

Sadly that will never happen unless Sega licenses their stuff.