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Kotaku writes:

"Fortunately, Rockstar must have realized that they left something out in their instruction manual because they've recently published a PDF dedicated just to multiplayer gaming.

The guide is filled with interesting tips and info. For instance, they explain how Party Mode work, something that has been driving me crazy since the launch. Turns out that when playing team modes, the game tries to find a similarly sized party to match you up with. In competitive modes it just fills up the slots with people and gets you going.

There are also plenty of usefull tips in the guide, like using blip settings to tweak your difficulty setting, and how auto-aim is an "awesome feature" that is often misunderstood and absolutely doesn't level the playing field."

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Drekken3871d ago

auto aim is for noob casuals. Especially autoaim like GTA. I didnt especially hate Warhawks aim system cause it still took skill. GTA auto aim lets you kill carloads as they pass in seconds. I dont play games to hone my skills only to get owned by some noob that is using auto aim. I hate autoaim and it makes me sick to hear R* defend it.

socomnick3871d ago

Yea I completely agree. Rockstar fails at making a multiplayer game the horrible way its incorporated into gta 4 is a shame. Autoaim is just the thing that made me rage and refuse to ever touch gta 4 online ever. Take autoaim off rockstar you stupid noobs.

NegativeCreepWA3871d ago

It doesnt bother me if auto aim is on, though I do prefer having it off. What bugs me is people that try and tell a host how to run a room. If you don't like the options in a room find another.

@socom. Find a room that doesnt have auto aim on. Its not very hard.

Jack Meahoffer3871d ago

and if you have skill you can headshot the noobs before his body shots kill you. Stop whining and get some skill.

poopface13871d ago

but when its on I can kick alot of a$$. It is really easy to aim up alittle and hit them in the head.

Drekken3871d ago

If R* gave me the option to HOST a game and not just hope to host, then you would NEVER hear me complain. But they dont... I join room after room filled with autoaim noob hosts hoping that I find a good one, or actually host myself.

Best time I had online was hosting my own game.

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OOG3871d ago

yea auto aim blows.....the crappy thing is half the time you get in rooms with people they are so stupid and dont know how to set up a proper game and drives me crazyyy

KidMakeshift3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

the multiplayer is kinda boring to be honest. Saint's Row's multiplayer is the exact same thing except it had confined maps, which was for the better. In GTA4, players are all over the map

Jack Meahoffer3871d ago

You can confine the map in many ways.

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