Study about Gamers Halucinating is flawed

Jeff (from the Gaming Heretic) discusses why he disagrees with a recent study that tries to show Gamers Hallucinate and why bad science like this hurts the Industry.

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mcroddi1590d ago

I only hallucinate about silly allegations! ;)

liquidhalos1590d ago


What do punks like this have against us gamers? Its such a load of pig shit, they make out were all mentally incapable vegetables who love to shoot up schools to appease the voices. Anyway i cant stay and chat, santas riding a bicycle past my tv and i need to go outside to milk the gruffalo herd before they eat all the chocolate flowers i planted in my water garden yesterday. Oooh pretty lights

Prime1571590d ago

Don't forget the people who blame violent crimes on the games. And crime in general.

Even though there's a correlation of crime going down while video game sales go up.

r1sh121590d ago

i think too much gaming and nothing else would not cause hallucinations but it could affect sleep/ dreams.
Happened to me 1 week where I was playing COD MW2 for like 12 hours a day.
But after that I was back to normal,
just keep it varied and make sure you keep active

ziggurcat1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

uh... what? since when have games caused hallucinations?

Irishguy951590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

They ain't real hallucinations. More like seeing things out of the corner of your eye or hearing the Xbox notification sound when it wasn't really there.

Just a load of overblown **** as usual with anti gaming campaigns.

I'm sure most people on the site have had a fever where they actually hallucinate. It's a ****ing mile away from anything gaming/movie/book can do to you.

For me
- Long hours on a game is the same as long hours watching TV. It's doesn't really do anything noticeable. But the damn Xbox sound sticks to my head for ages after I hear it. I start hearing it randomly then.
- With book I start thinking in a weird way, like...thinking in a descriptive way instead of the way you would normally think. Noticed that years ago after powering through Harry potter 7 hahaha

StockpileTom1589d ago

"hearing the Xbox notification sound when it wasn't really there."

Hallucinations aren't always visual... other perceived senses count too.

I have once hallucinated the Skype message sound several times one day. I was of course very sick at the time so it was likely simply due to illness. The idea that games cause them is insane but that is not the worst issue... they polled FORUMS... the respondents were likely trolling them.

Septic1590d ago

To be fair, one time I played COD:MW2 so much that after I stopped and got into my car I saw a plane above and automatically thought: "S***! AC130!" and actually lowered my head behind the steering wheel.

It is that day I realised.....I really need to go out more.

Rebo001590d ago

"Seeing a Heads Up Display whilst Driving" would be awesome but I wonder if the guy just had a car with a HUD? :P

Kennytaur1590d ago

Most studies are sponsored by people wanting the results to swing one way or another. Always take them with several grains of salt.

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