Alien: Isolation Gameplay Video With No Commentary

OnlySP: A Youtube user has put together a video with clips from Alien: Isolation without any commentary in the videos. Thank goodness.

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Ikonic1560d ago

Game looks promising if you ask me! I have always loved Alien, and have yet to see a horror game made, which is funny seeing how it is a horror movie. Here to hoping they can make it among the likes of Amnesia and such other great horror titles.

GadgetGooch1559d ago

Well I wouldnt ask you so there.....

mewhy321559d ago

This could be the alien game that we've all been waiting for.

fenome1559d ago

I agree! Light and sound play such an important role in these types of games and in these little snippets it seems like they've done an amazing job with those.

On a side-note, I'm stoked we're getting Outlast on PS+ next month! Haven't played a good horror game in a long time. Seems like we're finally getting some good games in the genre again. I'm anxious for some new news on the Evil Within too.

frostypants1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Yeah, this...actually looks potentially good. Maybe the problem was everyone was trying too hard to make an Aliens-inspired game, when what we really needed was an Alien-inspired game.

fenome1559d ago

The difference between Alien and Aliens, I get you on that. Survival horror or an action game where you go in guns blazing. The sequel to the movie started turning into another Rambo or Predator, where it could show off all the buff, tough, action stars. Lol

Being over-powered against a xenomorph is not allowed as a human the way I see it. No matter what you're holding you should be shittin' your pants.

PockyKing1560d ago

The last minute or so of the video got me really excited for this. The tension when the lights went out was great, especially listening to it on a good headset. I have high hopes for this, and seeing the most websites actually previewed the game and got to try it rather than see the tech demo and Pitchford playing only increases that hope. (I know Pitchford has nothing to do with Isolation, just what happened with the previous Alien game)

yanikins1111560d ago

Refusing to get hyped. Cant do it to myself again.

JsonHenry1559d ago

Me too. No matter how nice that video looks I refuse to get my hopes up. Again.

sorceror1711559d ago

I agree that "hyped" is premature, but "interested" seems fair.

1nsomniac1560d ago

It looks awesome but the flash light is truly terrible though & not entirely sure about the strolling upright alien at the end.

Irishguy951560d ago

I also find it weird the way the Xeno is acting. Completely unlike the ones in the movies. But whatever..

The flash light is a bit **** too.

But em, well, these are minor complaints I think. Flashlight is just a flashlight and changing the behavior of the Alien is for gameplay purposes. Although I certainly hope the whole game isn't like that, Xenos can be so much scarier than the way the one in the Vid is being portrayed. This vid reminded me ALOT of the first level of Amnesia, the dark descent. The Xeno acted alot like the enemies in that level, where they just walk around the place.

The sound effects are top notch though. To be honest I think they're just putting Amnesia in the Alien universe and doing that. Seeing as Sega haven't managed to make a great game with Aliens in it yet. It's been over 10 years since the last good one. Amnesia was met with a very good response though so I think they're cashing in on that

Allsystemgamer1559d ago

It actually happens to be behaving EXACTLY how it did in the first movie.

Kurylo3d1559d ago

In fact that's how most of them walked in the 2nd movie as well lol.. its just in the 2nd movie they did end up crawling on walls as well. But yea they do tend to stand up right.

RevXM1560d ago

Makes sense to me.
The xeno is fearless and it thinks it is hunting a much inferior prey. if it walks uppright it is probably because it is searching and on its TOES, so to speak.
Humans started to walk uppright as it made things easier to spot, carry things and generally navigate in tall grass and vegetation.
A huge upright alien is also much more intimidating, animals shoots their back like cats or dogs and bears stand up to show their size like "Hey Im huge, you dont want to mess with me".

SquidBuck1559d ago

Humans have always walked upright...

Kurylo3d1559d ago

he means we evolved to walk upright.. rather then like monkeys.

Allsystemgamer1559d ago

The alien stands upright in the first movie, which this game is inspired from.

skydragoonity1560d ago

Still feeling the disappointment of colonial marines, will only consider this game when i see some gamers reviews

dodgemoose1559d ago

Not sure why this is being downvoted considering yanikins111 said essentially the same thing and has received the opposite reaction.

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