Sony should re-brand Vita TV as Playstation TV in the west

Gimme Gimme Games argues that the combination of Playstation Now and the PS Vita TV micro-console could be a match made in heaven for Sony if marketed the right way, specifically by re-branding the Vita TV as Playstation TV and focusing on PS4 remote play, and PS3/PS2/PS1 streaming.

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Rockefellow1563d ago

That would be an absolute logistical nightmare down the road, I guarantee it. We already have a recently released television some people call the PlayStation TV, there are tvs out there that have PS2s built into them, and who knows what they might release in the future that this might conflict with? It would be comparable to the Wii U naming fiasco for the average consumer.

UltimateMaster1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Or maybe PlayStation TVita.

DualWielding1562d ago

It doesn't matter what they name it unless they address the memory card price issue... Hyperexpensive propietary memory cards just don't work for what is intended to be a value option micro-console

tubers1562d ago

Waster opportunity to market the VITA platform IMO.

Just needs a big sub title/font near the center of the package on what it does than remove VITA.

I don't think it'd confuse much of the customers since it already have a "TV" name on the product w/c implies it needs a TV.

It may actually sound more confusing as PS TV. Sounds like an actual TV. The Roku set to box doesn't even have a TV naming and a Roku TV is a completely separate TV product for 2014.

Godmars2901562d ago

They should have considering how they'd support it before shoving it out into the market. Give it specific games rather than restrict use of certain PSV titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.