Today On Reddit: Easily Clean DirectX Redistributable Packages Steam Leaves On Your PC

GG3 dives back into reddit to find some handy tips among the gaming threads. A free program tool can help restore tons of needlessly lost SSD space, by clearing all DirectX redistributable packages left behind when installing games on Steam. Several Gb of data can be recovered.

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tee_bag2421591d ago

They are there for a reason!

kB01591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Umm...they download when you start the game, and never used install it for every game in some cases even if you already have it.

You don't need it.

Edit: Freed up about 1.5 GB for me. Not bad.

starchild1591d ago

Yeah, this is a useful tool.

tee_bag2421591d ago

You need to be more picky than just getting rid of them all. Some Direct X release are slightly different build for games - especially older games. I don't mind sacrificing 1.5 to ensure I have the correctly libraries for my collection of games.
If you're uninstalling a games, that's a different story

kB01590d ago

When you have SSD, even 1 GB makes a big difference.

You don't ensure anything. If it's needed it simply gets re-dowloaded. Even if it didn'tget re-downloaded you can simply verify integrity and it will be re-downloaded automatically.

I see no downside. Also after you've already played the game, THE FILE ISN'T why have it? I mean multiple games will have the same directx redistributable...

wannabe gamer1591d ago

it is true that on rare occasion reinstalling directx from the games install location redist pack can fix some issues but its pretty rare and usually is an indicator of a greater problem

wannabe gamer1591d ago

i saved over 20 gigs lmao no joke. also it works for origin and uplay as well, i added the location i have their games installed to as additional folders.

Daavpuke1591d ago

Damn, 20Gb. That's like one third of my entire SSD :').

Lon3wolf1591d ago

Shouldn't need this, just go to your steam,origin etc folders and manually remove the redist folders. Once the redists are installed you dont need the installers anymore.

wannabe gamer1590d ago

i have over 400 games installed.....sorry but no i am not going to do this manually.

Lon3wolf1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Most people dont have 400 games installed...........

You could also just write a batch/VB script that will delete the redist folders from the directory if you have that many games installed.

wannabe gamer1587d ago

well this tool worked fine so im happy with it.