Alien: Isolation Gameplay Commentary

The year is 2137, fifteen years after the events of Alien and forty-two years before the Aliens incident. This brand new story focuses on Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda who in search for her mother, journeys off to space unaware that the space station she has just landed on is inhabited by a Xenomorph.

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Frankskint1647d ago

The lighting is great on this. It definitely sets the mood for the horror that awaits Amanda Ripley.

mafiahajeri1647d ago

Whys the alien standing upright ?

JohnnyTower1647d ago

He's just a skinny dude in a costume.

CrossingEden1647d ago

The original alien stood upright more often than it crawled. Especially the huge as hell queen in Aliens.

IaMs121647d ago

Well shit, i think Amnesia is about to get dethroned! Awesome feel hope the rest of the game holds up! Hope also one day we will get a new Aliens Colonial marines with this type of atmosphere.

mediate-this1647d ago

One alien terrorizing everyone? Looks good, just wondering how it will work wo
With one character

Akuma2K1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

It's a showdown between you and the Alien, you have no weapons to fight the Alien off....just your wits and intelligence on making the right moves to stay alive and survive as you try and find the flight recorder to explain her disappearance.....all the while not to alert the Alien while it's hunting you by vision smell and noise.

mediate-this1647d ago

So will it beclike nemesis on a larger scale? Sorry just trying to make sense of it.

Akuma2K1647d ago

Are you talking about RE3:Nemeis ?

Alien Isolation will be completely different from Nemesis, at least in Nemesis you have weapons to hold Nemesis off everytime he found and chased you.....there are NO weapons in Aliens Isolation to fight back with.

UltraAtomic1647d ago

this game looks good, and i bet it will scare the hell out of me.

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