Analyzing Nintendo's Studios: Internal Teams

"Nintendo’s 2014 line-up is already looking to be truly fantastic. With several major games releasing in the next year, it appears to be shaping up to be an incredible time to be a Nintendo fan and a gamer. Even with so many huge titles on the horizon, those both unannounced or yet to be revealed are often more enticing than the ones we know so much about. The possibilities seem endless. With major Nintendo Directs appearing suddenly and without warning, we could have a bombshell dropped on us at any moment. With so many Nintendo franchises and studios, there’s no way of knowing what’s coming next.

Only that’s not completely true — while yes, we won’t know exactly what is coming until it is announced, what we can do is take a look at Nintendo’s extensive developmental resources, examine their histories and current statuses, and figure out what their next moves will be.

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_QQ_1681d ago

Great article. Can't wait to see the First party.

Spore_7771680d ago

What's this? N4G... An article worth reading? What dimension is this?!

This is by far the most refreshing thing I've read in a while.

gedden71680d ago

Geez, Nintendo is rather deep with development teams!!! great read and it's hard not to get hyped as a gamer when you factor in that they (nintendo) also has Monolith, Retro, Factor 5 and others to work with on games. I expect 2014 to be owned by Nintendo Wii U games. Its going to be Hit after Hit after Hit after Hit.

Bey 2
Mk 8
Hyrule Warriors
Watch Dogs
And all types of unannounced games.. Trust me there's a lot more.

Kennytaur1680d ago

Don't forget Intelligent Systems and HAL. I'm assuming the latter is working on Yarn Yoshi and Smash, but after that, who knows? I'd love a new Mother-title on the 3DS. Intelligent Systems will be in the early fases of a new project or two as we write.

Looking forward to the follow-up article about these other studios.

gedden71679d ago

Actually I believe Namco is working on smash with Nintendo directing. I remember reading that somewhere.

Blacklash931679d ago

We need a new Advance Wars from Intelligent Systems.

I'm sure relatively few people know about as compared to the icon franchises, but it's a fantastic Strategy series and one of Nintendo's best franchises in my opinion.

R00bot1680d ago

Nintendo has so many studios, even with so many games coming out in 2014 there must still be lots of games in development that we don't know about.

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Reeze1680d ago

Great article. I really hope Nintendo does the most they can and knocks my socks off with future games.

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The story is too old to be commented.