PlayStation 4 Stock Might not Arrive in France until March or April 2014

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst reports: "With PlayStation 4’s already hard to come by everywhere, nothing hurts more than hearing about more delays, especially if it’s in one’s own territory. Our friends over in France might have an even harder time acquiring a PlayStation 4, considering information coming in from various sources. Jeux-Video has already posted up on their site that additional units might not be available until the month of April, with Amazon France not even posting an expected replenishment date. Some have even reported that French retailer Micromania might not receive units until that time frame."

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XiSasukeUchiha1561d ago

Poor France won't get another until 2 to 3 months to wait is not that long everybody once we all these games in Feburary like like Imfamous second son and etc... 2 to 3 month wouldn't see long in compared rejoice greatness!

BitbyDeath1561d ago

Damn, at this rate PS4 may not even fulfill current demand this year.

JBSleek1561d ago

Logically the are ramping up for a launch in Japan

badz1491561d ago

For every lost opportunity by Sony, it's a gain for MS. MS is looking to accomodate the market with enough Xbone for the coming months as Sony is struggling to keep up with demand in current markets while at the same time trying to save enough stock for new markets in the coming months. This is an advantage to sway those who aren't willing to wait too long for a new console and at $500 and even more at other countries, buying another console shortly after will be a hard sell and that's the situation where Sony wouldn't like the PS4 to be!

For example, my country is a small market and not many stores get many units at launch. The Sony Store where I bought mine only got 4 and sold out instantly but they don't even know when the next shipment will be coming! Although unstandable considering the demand for the thing, it's still pretty ridiculous.

It's great to see that the PS4 is seeked by a lot of people now but Sony seriuosly need to consider ramping up production for the time being as frustrated customers not willing to wait for new shipment to arrive which even the stores don't know when, would go for alternatives or their anticipation might die off while waiting. The momentum is there, why not go for it, right?

awesomeperson1561d ago

The problem with production is that Sony can't immediately just ramp it up and see the results. There is a delay between when the product is manufcatured, and makes its way into retailers. This could easily be a month, or more.

Thus, Sony could face the problem of ramping up production, only to find that once those units start hitting stores, demand is already subsiding. Therefore they'ld be left with an excess of stock, and need to ramp down production (making the exercise useless).

While some would settle on buying another console if they can't find it, anecdotally, I find most people are prepared to wait.

ITPython1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

Yeah it is interesting to see MS move so many consoles simply because there is no PS4 stock.

Not a bad tactic on their end, I gotta admit. Keep XB1's on the shelves while the PS4 is sold out and advertise the living crap out of the console, which inherently nets them more sales from people who aren't patient enough to wait for a PS4 (or from those who don't know the difference between a PS4 and XB1).

Just imagine if the XB1 was a year (or even 6 months) late to the party, they would probably be struggling to break 1 million units worldwide if there was also PS4's readily available everywhere.

I would definitely say that at least 50% of the XB1 sales are because of the limited PS4 stock.

Touche Microsoft, touche. Only MS would know how to sell the redheaded step-child console that nobody really wants.

xICHIGOx1561d ago

If you want a ferrari and is not currently ready you'll buy another car or you'll be waiting for the ferrari?
I think that is an easy choice, people buy what they wish not what they find. If you want to buy a ps4 at 399 why you have to buy an x1 at 499? It's a nonsense.

SkullBlade1691561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

Game consoles aren't ferraris.

Some people just don't care as long as they get to play the latest CoD or Assassin's Creed and will likely just buy whatever is in stock at the time.

I got a PS4 awhile ago though so I'm good.

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PS4isKing_821561d ago

Ps4 is the new ps2. Sony back to their old ps1/ps2 dominating self

Kurisu1561d ago

March / April? Wow, they must be holding some serious amounts of stock back for the Japanese launch!

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