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'The Last of Us: Left Behind' DLC combat will have new touches

XMNR: Sony and Naughty Dog revealed new details about the first story DLC for the Playstation 3 exclusive, The Last of Us. Left Behind will provide a familiar experience to those that have played the game but will bring some new additions as well not only with the characters but the combat as well. Hints were also dropped about the expected playtime and release date as well. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   92d ago
Is going to feel fresh
rarity  +   92d ago
Oh? Well this is interesting i trust naughty dog completely.
firelogic  +   92d ago
Not sure what the combat will be like. All the melee stuff and crafting she does is learned from Joel.

She never even seen a Runner, Clicker, or Bloater so who/what is she fighting?

She didn't get her first kill until she saved Joel so if she's fighting humans, she doesn't kill anybody.
imtheman2013  +   92d ago
Maybe we'll be playing as Riley? Since we know almost nothing about her, it's very possible that she has seen the rougher parts of the world and is well versed in combat, like Ellie comes to be.

@Queasy, yeah, I see that now. Well, then maybe it will all be really stealth/non-lethal based? Lol, now I'm confused because Ellie really does have no combat experience before meeting up with Joel. And I don't feel like Naughty Dog would go all Deus Ex Machina on us by changing some plot elements. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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Queasy  +   92d ago
Naughty Dog has said that Ellie is the only playable character though.
Austin48  +   92d ago
either way i cant wait to play this cant get enough the last of us plus i want an release date
Zizi  +   92d ago
It is said "the first story DLC", so there will be another story DLC in the future? I hope so. I think I'm getting the GOTY edition if that's available later this year. Can't waiiittt!!
Pillsbury1  +   92d ago
Cannot wait! I need more last of us anyway I can get it!
famoussasjohn  +   91d ago
Spoiler-ish..from the main campaign to this story, so don't read further if you haven't beat that portion.

I wonder if this is when we will see her get bit. We only got to see that she was bit and immune to it but nothing more so of how or what happened.

Can't really add spaces so you may still see my text. Sorry to those that may see that.
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