Halo 5 Release Date Spoiler? Concept Art Shows UNSC Infinity Is Back And Maybe More Spartan Ops, Too

Newly released concept art for Halo 5 shows the UNSC Infinity docked at a remote outpost. This could mean Spartan Ops is coming back, too.

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IanVanCheese1647d ago ShowReplies(1)
-Foxtrot1647d ago

More Sparten Ops.....urgh

Just focus on the main story with Chief and replace Sparten Ops with Firefight

vikingland11647d ago

But I liked Sparten Ops. There's room for both on BD.

-Foxtrot1647d ago

Well I'd take a longer single player over a boring side story, no wonder Halo 4 felt really short

mhunterjr1647d ago

Overall, Spartan Ops was poorly executed, but it did show promise. I wouldn't mind if they brought it back with an improved formula. There's was definitely no need for it to replace Fire Fight, though... They should've had both.

Shadonic1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I'm mad because they like many times before could of easily still gave us Firefight with a few changes to the spartan ops mission settings. Alot of things that were so simple were left unanswered or alone during Halo 4 and if they did come it was months after everyone who wanted it had left.

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IVanSpinal1647d ago

Elites and Brutes for MP.
Brute Shot from Halo 2

TheRedButterfly1647d ago

Brute Shot = yes
Brutes in MP = no (Elites can come back as long as they aren't retarded like in SWAT on Halo 3)

LogicStomper1647d ago

Dem SWAT dinos know how to eat bullets to the face.

SirBradders1647d ago

Is it just me or does halo not have that halo feel anymore.

Septic1647d ago

Nah it still feels like Halo to me.

Have you read the books by Greg Bear? They are amazing. Trust me.

SirBradders1647d ago

I didn't mean the series i meant the game, i should have ellaborated. For me 4 fealt like the game was a game if that makes sense.
I'll defo check the books out though and see what they're about.

LAWSON721646d ago

The gameplay and story felt very much like Halo however nothing else did. The MP lost touch with what made Halo great

abstractel1647d ago

Halo 4 SP looked great and played great but it was repetitive. You fought the same enemies over and over until the end, and you'd discovered all the weapons within the first few hours. Only the space flight offered some variation. These are the reasons I felt it was overrated and hope that Halo 5 has an improved campaign. The same 5 enemy types over and over again for a whole campaign is not acceptable for today's standards.

Mikefizzled1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Yes there did needs to be more enemy types. I thing one thing that I miss is that Halo 3 had a load of Scarabs and Wraiths to kill. This had little to none.

Team_Litt1647d ago

Elites with variations
Jackals with variations
You'd be hard pressed to find 3 other games with as many enemy types as Halo 4. They added a whole new group of enemies and you get to fight them all so I do not agree with you complete n your first point.

Halo has never been about weapon discovery, this isn't God of War or Devil May Cry where you play to gain new weaponry as you go.
It wouldn't make sense that in a war, the more powerful weapons aren't being used by the enemy until later levels.

Mikefizzled1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I agree. It was probably down to the premise of Halo 4. Being Stranded on Requiem with the Convenant coming over in small numbers and only the Infinity for UNSC didn't mean many enemies would be in the story. I guess in the end I was a little underwhelmed by the Promethean enemies.

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