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New Gran Turismo 6 Toyota FT-1 Concept screenshots

VVV: "Curiously, whilst this is a collaboration of sorts between Toyota and Polyphony Digital, there was no mention of the FT-1 Concept being a part of the Vision Gran Turismo project (which Toyota is participating in, along with 27 other brands). As a result, it's highly likely we might see another concept from Japan's largest car manufacturer make its way into GT6 in the coming months." (Gran Turismo 6, PS3)

jromao  +   381d ago
This Update GT6 v 1.3 is well BUGGED,

After a few races is possible to see some tweak on Physics, car handling seems better but now I experience often screen glitches while racing, sometimes with short timespan. Another issue found was in "S License" event where we need to race 15 Laps on BrandsHatch, I won the race, GOLD gives 156.000 CRs, I have 200% Bonus so it should be added 312.000 CRs, happen I got only 79.000 credited, seems it's the BRONZE prize !!!!!!

More fun is to report these bugs to Sony or whatever, no clear path to provide reports on bugs to them. Besides the official GT site is reporting another issue:


Seems we will have a 1.4 very soon (we hope).

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