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"Into the Nexus is an ambitious title that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Unlike Full Frontal Assault, this is an entry that ends on just the right note. Everything here has been polished to a mirror sheen, with more fanservice than you can wave an omniwrench at. The art aesthetic is at its most vibrant, and the music is some of the year’s best if not this generation’s. The controls are fluid and maximize the Dualshock 3 to handle all the shooting and platforming on display. When it comes to perfectionism, Insomniac has given their all here to provide the best experience possible."

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MasterofMagnetism1562d ago

It is a great game but way too short and easy.

TomShoe1562d ago

To be fair, it is only $30 now, and I got it for $18 for sale...

Paradigmthefallen1562d ago

Easy? Really? Have you tried playing Challenge Mode on Normal or Hard?

WillGuitarGuy1562d ago

It is easy @Paradigmthefallen. I've played the game on hard and in challenge mode. Considering you keep all your upgrades, the game's difficulty never changes. Still an awesome game anyway.

SoulSercher6201562d ago

I've played through Challenge Mode on Hard twice. The enemies can take more shots but the game is not much harder. But I still enjoyed it.

MasterofMagnetism1562d ago

Yes I have. My first playthrough was on Legend and I beat in under 4 hours. Challenge mode is even easier since you already know what to do and carry over all of your upgraded guns. I blazed through challenge mode in under 2 hours on Legend difficulty.

remanutd551562d ago

I'll getit when i can play it onmy vita.