Xbox One Vs PS4: How important is your gaming systems U.I.?

Gaming has always been about the back end of the consoles -- the graphics, performance, lag and the hardware -- not so much about the front end, which is the User Interface. With the release of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, it seems like gaming consoles are evolving beyond being used solely for their primary purpose.

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MysticStrummer1679d ago

In my case, not very important, but simple is better than screen clutter.

Rimeskeem1679d ago

3 main areas of scrolling side ways is fine but getting over 4-5 is just cluttered

MasterCornholio1679d ago

That's the reason why I like the PS4s UI so much.

xICHIGOx1678d ago

To me the ps4 UI is a lot more pretty than the x1 UI.
Simple is better but the ps4 UI is even classy and functional at the same time.

FISH391679d ago

I had a PS4 coming from an Xbox 360. Love the PS4 cut sold it and got an Xbox One instead just cause I was so used to the Interface from Microsoft. But love the new PS4 controller and I was an Xbox 360 controller fan but no so much the XBOX ONE

strickers1679d ago

What? XB1 has a new UI. Logical

jacksjus1679d ago

I wasn't immediately wowed by the PS4 UI, but I got used to it and it's fine now. I've seen the XOne's interface and I think it has more potential due to it being customizable. However the PS4 is a faster system then the XOne.

JohnnyTower1679d ago

Xbox interface is pretty terrible. But I've got the voice navigation nailed, so I can get around pretty good.

kneon1679d ago

I've heard that from a number of people, is it really that bad?

JohnnyTower1679d ago

Guy, it is so hard to find anything it's ridiculous. The only thing worse is the Xbox One Store. No lie.

kneon1679d ago

That would explain why some reviews I've read said you need voice control just to make the UI usable.

DigitalRaptor1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

See, this is what I've been saying and nice to see people out there exposing this.

You shouldn't have to rely on voice commands to have a good experience navigating an interface. They designed this OS around a camera that 90% of gamers have no interest in. How and why did they think that would be close to a good idea?

It's good to see some companies have their priorities spot on, and bad to see some just have completely no idea how to build a focused gaming machine anymore.

MysticStrummer1678d ago

"You shouldn't have to rely on voice commands to have a good experience navigating an interface. They designed this OS around a camera that 90% of gamers have no interest in. How and why did they think that would be close to a good idea?"

They had to make Kinect seem as important as possible.

Deathdeliverer1679d ago

I had to log in just to agree. With voice it's a lot easier. But with a controller it becomes the worst experience every. Like I said when I first got it, there's menus inside of menus then you gotta look for the 3 dots to find the expanded sub menu. The store is so damn bad. No matter where you go, there is no simple way to see everything. Luckily I've gotten voice commands more or less down. I just don't know all the menus so I can't call them by name to get there yet. And why the Bing search is there is a complete Mystery. Am I the only person that thought the "xbox Bing --" command was to search the open Internet? You know it's confusing when they have a voice search for the system and store only.

n4rc1679d ago

Its really not bad.. Dude is exaggerating..

Its different and takes some getting used to.. But its all right there on the dash and that's only ever one click away..

Room for improvement for sure.. But hardly terrible

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Neonridr1679d ago

Obviously the games comes before the UI, but it's nice having a clean and simple UI. Having never owned a Playstation before (1, 2 or 3), I've had to get used to how everything is organized but I seem to be getting the hang of it.

The only thing I am concerned about is the fact that all the games show up in one long continuous line on the PS4 UI. As I install new games, they just show up beside the previous one. If they don't start organizing them downwards too, then it could be a really long line in a couple of years. Finding a game could become a pain in the ass.

kneon1679d ago

I expect it will be much like on the PS3, the list will get very long, but they are ordered by last used so most of the time you never need to scroll off the first page.

AceBlazer131679d ago

You could group your ps3 games though, i hope sony implements this in the ps4 at some point.

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