You'll Have a 'Little More Fun' in The Last of Us: Left Behind

Push Square: "Naughty Dog’s survival horror opus The Last of Us was a fantastic release, and fully deserving of our coveted Game of the Year award – but it’s a title that’s difficult to describe as ‘fun’. From tear-jerking opening right through to its harrowing conclusion, Joel and Ellie’s cross-country excursion is mostly depressing, with just a few fleeting moments of sunshine to change up the pace. Its upcoming add-on pack Left Behind, however, will be a little more playful."

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alejandroelputo1593d ago

Just can't wait to buy and play this overpriced but awesome dlc :)

conjurdevil1593d ago

Because devs dont deserve money to put into another game right?

Irishguy951593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Like Bethesda and their horse armor??

Haha no really, this is more like the shivering isles for Oblivion. Well worth the money. Expensive DLC sure but not overpriced.

Also a bit confusing this DLC is, can someone explain to me what we'll be doing in it? I guess Ellie will use a Bow here since she implied she was a good shot before the events in the game. Also of course there will be infected but Ellie never heard of clickers etc before the main game

Why o why1592d ago

@ irish, Maybe that good ol 'ret con' meth......

And lol @ horse armour.......luckily it came with a free tub of virtual ky

Riderz13371593d ago

Pretty much all DLC is 15$ nowadays unless it's something small like gun skin packs or character skins. If you don't like it either wait till it goes on sale, or don't buy it at all. Simple.

grahf1592d ago

At least its actual content and not a freaking HAT a la TF2.

abzdine1593d ago

can't wait to buy it, no matter the price..
i bought 3 DLCs in my whole life: LBP: Pirates of Carribean, WipEout Fury and Killzone 2 DLC packs cause they were really worth it.

NeoTribe1592d ago

15 bucks is nothing for a naughty god story based dlc.

alejandroelputo1592d ago

Don't get me wrong I will be playing it once it comes out. ND are the best developers out there and anything they have done holds a place in my gaming hearts. I'm just against dlc but since it is coming from ND I will support it

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TheGOODKyle1593d ago

I doubt it in a good way. TLOU was just so awesome. The DLC would only be able to equal that awesomeness!

Conzul1593d ago

Isn't this the first ever campaign DLC they've done?
Yet another frontier for them to dominate.

LoliconMaster1593d ago

We play as little girls right?!

showtimefolks1593d ago

i see what you did there lol

Conzul1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Watch it, guys. Absolutely NO JOKING about playing with girls.
* grumble grumble *

This better be good.

MRMagoo1231593d ago

I think some ppl dont like lolis huh :(

SixtyNine1593d ago

Will the game finally be enjoyable?

MRMagoo1231593d ago

Yeh lets hope the game of the year winner gets enjoyable after the dlc huh /s marked down for trolling

SixtyNine1593d ago

Seriously? So, I've got to adore it 'cause everyone else does, otherwise I'm a troll... ehehe

Why o why1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Why would you come into a tlou dlc topic then. Are you expecting a different game? You know its shorter than the original too right.....some people make no sense....Nobody said you should adore the original but liking it would be a good prerequisite for considering dlc

Id stay away if you didnt enjoy the game....try something else instead

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1593d ago

He called you a troll because you are here, commenting on a game you didn't enjoy or care for. Contributing little to nothing to this particular comment section besides negativity.

If you didn't like it, why comment? And if you feel the sudden uncontrollable urge to comment about how terrible something was to it's fans... expect backlash.

It's easier to just say troll lol.

On topic: I want this @[email protected] TLOU was my GOTY!

snookiegamer1592d ago


Well said...we shouldn't be tolerating these people who pretend to be gamers.

showtimefolks1593d ago

no if the main game wasn't enjoyable fort you than this dlc won't change your mind or your experience

maybe you don't like a serious tone, mature level story telling

SixtyNine1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

The reaction was funny to me :D. I liked Joel and Ellie .. Basically, I enjoyed watching the cutscenes..Almost every aspect of the game was nice, at the expense of gameplay in my opinion. I guess naughty dog couldn't get it all right. I prefer Drake's adventures.

Septic1593d ago

^^Blatantly hasnt played the game.

showtimefolks1593d ago


i found the gameplay thrilling and very satisfying

the real time making weapons and medics was awesome yet nerve wrecking

when you hear clickers and there are 4 yet you don't have enough to defeat them all that right there is freaking again nerve wrecking

i felt like the hand to hand combat was very well done and felt great at impact

you have to release how much ND got out of PS3, that's why i want a ps4 version because TLOU is one game along with GTA5 that could gain a lot by getting next gen versions

I am not gonna call you a fanboy or a troll or accuse you of never playing the actual game, because as a gamer for more than 20 years i know we all have our likes and dislikes. I could see your argument as valid about gameplay because a lot of people felt like the gameplay was the weakest area of TLOU

but give credit to ND because they just moved gaming forward. TLOU is a game we will talk about like Half Life and original bioshock in 10 years

MasterCornholio1593d ago

Does over 200 GOTY awards prove that its a good game?

Just stop with your trolling. You will never prove that TLOU is a bad game.

CorndogBurglar1592d ago

In all fairness, he never really said it was a bad game. He said he didn't enjoy it. He's allowed to have an opinion.

showtimefolks1592d ago

really over 200 awards? i didn't know that. I thought GTA5 would take many awards away from TLOU

if that 200 number is accurate than i am so happy for ND because TLOU was a better game overall than GTA5 and that's coming from a huge GTA fan

snookiegamer1592d ago


'Seriously? So, I've got to adore it 'cause everyone else does, otherwise I'm a troll... ehehe'

No, you don't have to adore it, but what you could do is make no comment at all. Pointless negativity makes you come off like a Troll. Even your laugh at the end of the comment is Troll-like. You're here to troll.


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kratoz12091593d ago

I will happily pay for this,
I just wanna support Naughty Dog :D

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