Dedicated PS4 HDD/SSD Upgrade Kits with Up to 1.5 TB Released; 25% Faster Loading Promised with SSD

Woodstock-based hardware retailer Other World Computing released four upgrade kits dedicated to the PS4, offering four different ways to upgrade the stock 500 GB HDD coming with Sony’s New Console.

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XiSasukeUchiha1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Yep 1.5 TB damn the unexpected nice one and faster ssd oh damn definitely buy this PS4 now

UltimateMaster1681d ago

Samsung's (Seagate) compatible 2Tb is still TBR.
It's only 5400rmp tough.

InTheZoneAC1681d ago

I currently have a 1.5tb hdd for ps3 and ps4. With ps+ and all digital games I can tell you I'm going to need samsung's new 2tb.

And they're both 5400 rpm but not once have I noticed any slowdowns or commented I wish I had a faster hdd.

Mister_Dawg1680d ago

They may be slower spindle speeds, but all modern drives at least use perpendicular stacking to gain a higher density on the platters, and therefore better transfer rates.

Its fast enough for you old man.

inveni01680d ago

Has anyone figured out how to mirror the old drive to the new drive so that we don't have to re-download everything? That's what is keeping me from upgrading right now.

DeadlyFire1680d ago

That should be easy really. Not sure if it works, but I believe you should be able to hook them up to your PC and then drag and drop or copy/paste everything over to the other one.

There is also a thing called ghosting that could work. It clones everything on a hard drive onto a new one. I think they have a program for that as well.

I have not tried either method though honestly. I used to ghost hard drives for school awhile back. I am uncertain on how the process goes. It was awhile ago.

mewhy321680d ago

I just think that its so awesome that we can change out the PS4's Hdd with bigger, faster, hdd's. Genious.

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showtimefolks1681d ago

will buy the 1.5 TB since i plan to download a lot of stuff from psn

JohnnyTower1681d ago

Ssd ftw. External HD seems dated by comparison.

Abriael1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

As long as you don't get the 240 GB option, that one really looks a little tight to me.

JohnnyTower1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I only put bigger games with load times on my ssd for my pc. I can always move the files around later. Ssd is gettin cheaper, but it's still pricey for the quality stuff. A TB Ssd would be great if it wasnt so expensive.

Prime1571680d ago

Yeah, I'd go with a TB hybrid over these options.

yezz1680d ago


Damn right! I just got a 120gb SSD from Amazon for 55£ so they ARE getting cheaper. But still far too expensive to buy one with large capacity..

ziggurcat1681d ago

seems like a waste to spend money on a kit when you can just buy the HDD for less money... are there seriously a lot of people out there who don't have a small screwdriver, and spare USB stick lying around?

Abriael1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I actually checked, at least on newegg the same drives cost more and they don't have the kit.

ziggurcat1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

i suppose it depends on the brand of drive you buy, too.

i spent $120 on my 1.5 TB drive for my PS4 (it's the same brand as the stock HDD that comes with the PS4).

edit: i would love to have a SSD, but they really need to come down in price before i'm willing to buy one.

EBTpickle1681d ago

It definitely looks like a good idea. Will probably need to upgrade sooner or later. Not a huge PC guy, how much faster are load times on SSD?

Abriael1681d ago

@EBTpickle: they say 25%, IMHO not worth the expense for a SSD for now. But your mileage may vary.

MRMagoo1231681d ago


You have to keep in mind SSDs have a limited amount of rewrite on it too, so with constant saving and installing on the drive would kill it a lot faster than a standard HDD. Unless of course they have increased the life span of them now i guess but i havent heard of anything about that.

EBTpickle1681d ago

Thanks guys, I was going to say it's not a bad price, but I like being able to clear room on my hard drive if I need to. Seems like a negative trade off in the end I guess.

Abriael1681d ago

EBTPickle: shouldn't worry about the write limit by now, it's at a point in which a SDD with normal usage will last you several years anyway.

dedicatedtogamers1681d ago

@ EBTpickle

It depends. Since HDDs are traditionally a bottleneck, an SSD helps widen that bottleneck. But on the other hand, PC games have - for the last several years - been becoming more RAM and GPU intensive to help alleviate that bottleneck. It's a noticeable difference, but if you had the choice between an SSD and spending that money on more RAM or a better GPU, the RAM/GPU will offer a more noticeable boost

@ MRMagoo123

Not true. SSDs are to the point where they have roughly the same lifespan as a hard drive. And if you shut down and start up your PC like most people do (which is the cause for the most wear and tear on an HDD) then the gap narrows because SSDs have no moving parts and therefore no inherent wear and tear from booting up.

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LightofDarkness1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Man, the SSD option just isn't sensible yet. 240GB for the PS4 isn't enough, and spending the price of the console itself for 25% faster load times and a little less space is daft, frankly.

In 2 years, SSD prices should be <.50c per GB, I'd wait till then before I take the plunge if at all. Seriously, 25% better load times just isn't worth it. It makes a huge difference for PCs, though (~75% reduction in boot times).

Abriael1681d ago

Yeah, the SSDs are definitely something I personally wouldn't consider. Hell, I didn't put a SSD on my PC yet too. They're mostly for people that have a lot of disposable income to burn :D

AndroidVageta1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

You should do so for your PC. At least a 64-128GB for the OS and your main programs/some games.

I'm not a snob when it comes to this stuff but when I had to use a regular hard drive for a week (while waiting for my new SSD to arrive) after selling my old SSD the speed differences were ASTRONOMICAL! Windows took so much longer to boot. Loading Photoshop felt like a chore. Everything just felt...slower...even opening things like the Control Panel.

And this was while using 2 x 1.5TB 7,200RPM Seagates in RAID0!!!

So yeah...consoles? Ehhh...SSD would make little difference but for a PC it makes ALL the difference.

Truehellfire1681d ago

I'd recommend getting an SSD soon. You can buy a decent 120GB SSD for under $100. You can use it for the OS and a game or two. That's what I did originally and it makes a huge difference. After that, if you need more space, you can do what I did and add an extra one and put them in Raid 0.

ravinash1680d ago

When I updated my OS harddrive to SSD, I never looked back.
Windows starts up so fast now that it would be painful to go back to HDD.

imt5581681d ago

Buy a Samsung Evo SSD 1TB and you will se some serious speed up.

Funky Town_TX1681d ago

I plan to change out my HDD to a 1 or 1.5 tb once I get a PS4. Is there a HDD cap limit for the PS4? Also, what has Sony said about external USB HDD support for games saves?

ziggurcat1681d ago

the limit is in the height of the HDD, and not so much the capacity. the thickest drive you can pop into the PS4 is only 1cm.

DeadlyFire1680d ago

Its possible external drives could be supported later with a PS4 patch. PS3 external drives were not day one supported either I believe.

dantesparda1680d ago

you can save your saves to usb, right now