Weird New PS4 System Failure?

Alex from the Irrational Passions team films his PS4 buzzing and then turning itself off.

Happened twice and then the system stopped booting at all.


System refuses to boot into safe mode or otherwise. Sony has been contacted and will be sending out a new system.

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XiSasukeUchiha1675d ago

Hmm poor dude hopefully they can give a free PS4 and only person ppl chill

Kingthrash3601675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

the idiot has it running on the carpet. smh whats next?
oh, no i spilled water on my its leaking clear stuff!
...the things people do kill me sometimes. he records it like SEE its failing! i just vacuumed my carpet so no dust would get in!
i need a gif where the guy is holding his face in frustration after seeing this vid.

Neonridr1675d ago

in all fairness there are no vents on the bottom of the machine. It's pretty wide open all around the system, and it's not like he has shag carpeting. Just as much dust could get in the system if it was buried in an entertainment unit.

My guess is an HDMI issue as the screen flickers constantly before shutting down. Loose connection or connectors could be bent/damaged.

Juangie31674d ago

I agree, and I don't care if the vents are not on the bottom, the carpet traps heat, and adds to it. The system, or any other system for that matter should not be on a carpeted surface. Also, this is not a PS4 failure its human failure! facepalm!

InTheLab1674d ago


Dust isn't the reason why you don't use your electronics on the carpet.....

GrandTheftZamboni1674d ago

Looks like his Dyson died long before his PS4...

static52451674d ago

honestly it looks like not only is his system on carpet but there is a power brick next to it and it looks like the only room between the wall and ps4 is only the outlet length. This person needs much more space. Not a lot but more. I just needed to fix my own computer for heat problems, you think a PS4 that compares to a PC wouldn't have the same problems?

slivery1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Not only do carpets conduct heat very well, they also make static electricity. So great, damage your system or just burn your house down.

If this person had cared to read the manual of the expensive electronics they buy, they would have seen it already warns you not to put it on carpet for several reasons.

*face palm*

hay1674d ago

Not to mention amount of dust carpets attract. From own experience, every device that was on a carpet, attracted much more dust and required cleaning much often than a device on a table for example.

Unspoken1674d ago Show
lifeisgamesok1674d ago

Are you guys really trying to blame this on him sitting his console on the floor

My consoles are always on the floor and I've never had any problems with overheating

This man is pro Sony and you guys still don't believe him wow lol

Ps4Console1674d ago

Since where does it say not to use your games console on a carpeted floor ?

BlackTar1871674d ago

Some of you guys are saying its not his fault/problem that he burnt his PS4 out on Carpet?

It may not say it but it also doesn't say don't play in a sauna so that excuse doesn't work.

Im sure it doesn't say don't play with your PS4 sitting on top of a heat conductor either or lets throw in don't put your PS4 on top of your Heater vent.

Azmatik1674d ago

Never EVER put electronics on a carpet because carpets creat static electricity so yes this is his fault if hes pro sony or not use common sense plz

ikkokucrisis1674d ago

Could be a bad capacitor in the power supply

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Muffins12231674d ago

Its loos connection from HDMI

b777conehead1674d ago

No it's over heating from being on carpet . If a hdmi proplom his ds4 would have still connected.

raWfodog1674d ago


Sorry I don't normally do this but its' 'problem', for future reference. Just trying to help.

truefan11674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

I really am not trying to be a troller, but you all blame the guy for a ps4 failure, yet you believed an XB1 was leaking a milk type solution. Once again the ps4 fan hypocrisy is displayed.

BlackTar1871674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

TRUEFAN1 Comment GEM of the day

"Good stuff. I just want to say, do you notice how this is an article for PS4 players, but no XB1 guys come in here to troll. Can we please get that same courtesy, thank you. Best of luck to the ps4."

Link me to that article please. I would love to see how everyone believed it about xbox.

I would say 98% of this thread is people saying either BS or giving a reason it "Could" happen. I think i read one person say it was true the rest were not saying it was true.

People like paint a bird house with a hose.

God look at all the Poor us everyone is against us xbox only fans in this article blaming Sony fanbiys who are not even proclaining it as a true story. Almost everyone is joking around with obvious sarcasm in these two threds. You pro only xbox fans needs to stop being Victims

truefan11674d ago

I just scrolled that page, the fact that people even gave it consideration was nuts.

BlackTar1871674d ago

Yea now its People giving it consideration. LOL GG man.

Consideration and claiming it true are 2 completely different things.

Also to just dismiss something outright is even more ignorant. To make a comment that was complete nonsense like yours was is also very ignorant. You see a trend?

truefan11674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

First off, I can come here to read articles. I do for all systems. Also I look at the comments and people bashed the guy for putting his ps4 on carpet, definitely not something I would do, but I do remember that XB1 article about the milky solution and how many PS4 trolls were there. Look at this page and XB1 trolls are few. I was just calling out fanboys like you, the fact that you did so much to put together a paragraph that doesn't really help your case (I say best of luck to ps4) IS A GIGANTIC FAIL. Lastly I didn't back track, there were still a bunch of ps4 trolls on that page and a ton more even trying to explain it, which was stupid. Lastly If there are no holes in the bottom of the ps4, so the carpet is not restricting air flow.

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gapecanpie1674d ago

LMAO SDF at it's finest right here, because after all Sony can do no wrong lol ... How sad and pathetic the forums of N4G are.

BlackTar1871674d ago

^^ LMAO at the victim card playing XDF. Come on man this guy shows proof of playing his PS4 on caarpet something that traps heat.

That is a user error. Being on carpet that takes a 100 degree console and within an hr maginfys that by 2 fold is user error

Pogmathoin1674d ago

Lets just hope this is one unlucky guy, one machine and its sorted. Nothing else here.... KT360, if it was other console, you would not be like that, remember the dodgy video were the other console had liquid defy physics and travel upwards? You trolls hammered anyone who tried to see common sense..... Relax and be real please.

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Dlacy13g1675d ago

hardware failures are bound to happen on new systems so that is not really shocking. It sucks for sure and hopefully he gets his fixed soon.

What was shocking from that video... dude has his PS4 sitting on the floor, and I believe a carpeted floor at that. Pro Tip: don't leave your console set up on the floor. Bad things are bound to happen.

MRMagoo1231675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

the same thing can be said for most electronics that have intake vents lol pcs consoles digital boxes with hdds in , its just common sense , they might as well just be vacuums if you leave them on the carpet.

Some ppl just dont have a clue when using electronics lol , whats the next articles gonna be "Weird PS4 failure when i gave it a glass of water because it looked thirsty".

Neonridr1675d ago

we don't know how long it had been sitting on the floor to be fair. He may have set it down there when he was trying to fix it.

But yes, for extended periods you shouldn't leave something like that on carpet. But then again, you should leave electronics buried inside entertainment units either. At least there was plenty of ventilation around the console, lol.

Deividas1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )


He also has his PS3 and is router there as well, and not to mention the spacing of each item looks like it wasnt just placed there to "try it out" so it seems like that is the place he mainly keeps it.

But seriously dont keep your console on the floor, and also the vents right next to a wall and with that heat being trapped back there and on the bottom....something is bound to happen.

HiddenMission1674d ago

@Neonridr we have a good idea since all of the consoles he has are on the floor and plugged in...just look at the video.

Never have I ever said hey I'm going to pay $400 for a console and put on my carpet because nothing bad can come from that.

Who does that? Dust, static electricity and over heating are just a few of the culprits or hell he could have messed up the hdmi port when stretching the cord to sit on the carpet.

This is why we by stands our GD electronics don't sit on the floor.

Bleeping people these days.

GW2121674d ago

Couldn't agree more. Who leaves their console (or any piece of expensive electronics) on a carpet? Besides the heat/static electricity issue, little Fido could get to it or you could step or trip on it.

Dehnus1674d ago

It should be able to handle that, same goes for Xbox. Consoles should be sturdy as heck machines made for games and fun!

Gamecube... where areth thou...

SaturdayNightBeaver1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

"hardware failures are bound to happen on new systems so that is not really shocking."

lol i knew someone is gonna say this. classic

Hellsvacancy1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

The dumbass has probably melted something inside, I wouldn't refund him if I was Sony, not after seeing a video of him using his PS4 whilst it's on the carpet

moodymofo1675d ago

lol . that was the first thing i noticed and that was gonna be my comment but you beat me to it . i would never run my console on the floor

mochachino1675d ago

While I agree that operating on the carpet is a bad idea, I'll always side with the consumer getting the fix unless they dropped the things or submerged it in water.

Product testing should include all reasonable operating environments, including carpeted places, super dusty places, hot, cold, humid, etc.

Again, I would never operate my console on carpet but it doesn't mean that it should have broke. It should have shut off due to heat.

Juangie31674d ago

Operating a machine that reaches 100+ degrees on a carpeted surface is not a normal environment.

HiddenMission1674d ago

reasonable operating environments for a $400 piece of electronics is not the carpet bro so no a consumer who does this should not a get a refund.

You shouldn't need a sign on the box that says hey if you're a dumb ass and put you expensive stuff on the floor we'll refund it if it gets broken.

I mean come on...really you honestly think like that.

BlackTar1871674d ago

Im going to go put my ps4 on top of my heater vent. It doesn't say not to and if sony was any good they would have tested it on top of heater vents after 4hrs of play and heater turned to 86

Ravijn1675d ago

Yeah.. leaving your console on the carpet while running is just asking for trouble. Probably got zapped by some static electricity.

ziggurcat1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

carpeting has got nothing to do with that issue. my defective PS4 had the exact same symptoms, and i don't even have carpet in my place.

edit - disagrees: *facepalm* the same 2 trolls, i see...

1675d ago
ziggurcat1675d ago

@ infected:

no. i don't have carpet, nor did i have it on the floor, and i had the same issue with my first PS4.

Kingthrash3601675d ago

proof please...otherwise you sound like a troll...
not saying you are lying but many, many, many do. so in order for you not to be though of as a troll pics or some kinda proof needed.
this vid thats up is proof...but also shows him using it on the carpet...carpet+ electronics NEVER mix well. asking for trouble.

LogicStomper1674d ago


"proof please...otherwise you sound like a troll... "

Just look at his comment history. He's A-grade Sony fan. Now why would a Sony fan make his favoured console look bad?

modesign1674d ago

ziggurnoob, no one cares if you have carpet, the person on the video has carpet, get over yourself, your not the center of the universe.

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