Blizzard does balancement changes to Hearthstone

The Pyroblast is getting nerfed, along with the Warlock rush deck. Several other tweaks are also going to increase diversity and change overal balancement!

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Jdoki1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Balancement? I guess spell checker missed that one!

Anyhow. On topic....

A lot of the changes sound OK to me, I agree with at least 50%, and I'm sure Blizz has a lot more data than me to figure out what cards need tweaking.

The change to Pyro is a good one and will make Mages more interesting to play. Anything that stops the boring OTK Warrior decks is a good thing.

The change to the Novice means people now consider a couple of other low Mana draw cards.

I like it when tweaks and changes are implemented. It makes figuring out good combos interesting again. It bugs me when people start howling about nerfs and such - makes me think that their only definition of fun is winning with a single deck they probably got off Hearthhead.

The only part of Blizzards statement I don't really agree with is where they say "We want players to have an option of what cards they put in their decks, so cards that feel like they must be in all decks (especially Neutral ones) are not ideal"... This is a bit naive, as every time a nerf happens many people just rush to fill the gaps with the next most powerful card... So balance can never really be achieved.