The Soapbox: A Rant on Bullying in the Gaming World

A rant on bullying in the gaming world, making some hold a grudge against online play.

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Tetsujin1564d ago

What I hate the most is the younger crowd assuming just because they don't know someone on the other end they can mouth off, especially if their parents aren't around. When I was younger I'd mouth back and maybe even get into some type of verbal war; now that I'm older I'll mute and/or report if the harassment continues. When I played FF11 the hardcores would go to a couple of websites to post their business (or vent/brag about picking on someone) however over time people ignored them and eventually the behavior died off.

I agree with the author though, and I'd welcome more articles like this to remind people to be courteous, respectful, and play to have fun.

MRMagoo1231564d ago

Imagine what its gonna be like on DayZ when its released. It will be maybe 100 ppl on a server 5 ppl will be playing properly .......the rest will be trolling douchebags.

NightingaleSilva1562d ago

I'm glad you agree with what I wrote in the article. People just need to sit back and remember that it's a game, no need for name calling and all that other jazz. And yes, the younger players are the worst, though I have come by some "adults" that are just as bad. It's really pathetic how some people act while playing online.