Sony on PS4: 'We’ve worked hard to show the right level of humility'

Without stirring up too much debate, Internet, it's undeniable that Sony has made the right steps to have a successful launch of their next-generation console, PlayStation 4.

Pundits around the industry will be sure to let you know about this, and while it is true, it's the overall approach Sony has taken with their products lately, that has them in good standing. Giving players another significant reason to buy a PS Vita was a brilliant, necessary move for the handheld to gain more traction.

While it hasn't sold like Sony had hoped it would, PS Vita has received an enormous boost in value and Sony's Fergal Gara talked about the mindset the company has taken with the new system and handheld.

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XiSasukeUchiha1563d ago

Good for Sony working to improve there company

nukeitall1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Good for Sony, but claiming the PS Vita is to portable handheld like the iPod is to portable music isn't humble, and it is outright BS!

TheEnigma3131563d ago

The PS vita is console gaming on the go with remote play to the ps4. That's quite impressive.

mewhy321562d ago

Sony is well on track to take the lion's share of the console market again. Now will they take the portable market from Nintendo?? Heck no. However, the Vita has gotten a big boost from it's remote play with PS4 ability. With PS4 dominating console sales, at present, it stands to reason that the Vita will also see more and more sales due to PS4's install base. Sony has really done well this time round.

Outside_ofthe_Box1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Didn't read the article didn't you?

***“Compared to PS3, Vita has had a higher percentage of games bought digitally since it was first launched,” says Gara, “it’s interesting and it demonstrates how many people look at it as the iPod of handheld gaming. More Vita games are still consumed through physical game cards than they are through digital, but things are increasingly moving the other way. Could be that in future physical games becomes the side we do without.”***

The iPod comparison was used in the context of the Vita being more of a digital platform like the iPod, but you'll ignore this post I made and will reiterate the lie you posted here again in the future. Good thing I'll be there to tell people the truth when you do!

Outside_ofthe_Box1562d ago

I love how I get disagrees for stating a fact.

Only on n4g does this happen.

Here is the link in the article:

You have to scroll all the way down to see where the iPod comparison is made. The title was cherry picked for hits. I'm not making it up.

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Charybdis1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

I don't get why the original article concerning the psp from VG was posted, which has the title of “People look at it as the iPod of handheld gaming,”.

That said no they really don't sound humble at all. However that is not really a concern as they did a great job with the ps4 and design of the psp. As far as I am concerned there is nothing wrong with being a proud father of their products as they (sony) haven't been obnoxious about it.

erathaol1563d ago

20% Consumer Friendly
40% Developer Support
25% Good Marketing
14% Confidence
1% Love

DigitalRaptor1563d ago

All steps forward seem to be positive ones and handled with excellence and professionalism.

Let's hope this attitude continues to grow.

Death1563d ago

"we’ve worked hard to show the right level of humility"

Humility, noun
the absence of any feelings of being better than others


I wouldn't think you would have to work hard at being humble. I would imagine it might be hard to show the "right" level of it. To be honest, up until I read that I had no idea humble had different levels. I always thought you were humble or you weren't. I can say this is the first time I seen someone that had to point out they were humble to others. I always thought that was something people could see for themselves.

Eonjay1563d ago

You massively over-thought that.

The right level of humility means not taking their current lead for granted. It means fulfilling their promises but not letting the current success go to their head. You are never to big to be humbled by your constituents... thats us.

Death1563d ago

I would agree with you if they used working instead of worked. He's speaking in the past tense which I found interesting. Realistically what he said means nothing. It's just intersting to get a glimse in his mindset. No doubt being humble is a marketing strategy they are currently using. BP did the same thing in 2012. http://www.marketingmagazin...

Eonjay1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

@Death... BP killed many of their workers in an explosion that poisoned the Gulf Coast. Your comparison is kinda strange. All Sony did was build the Cell processor which inflated the price of their hardware and complicated the lives of developers.

Death1562d ago

It doesn't change the fact that it is a marketing strategy.

As a rule of thumb, I listen less to what people say and focus more on what they do.

Eonjay1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )


Well of course its a marketing strategy. Everything that a corporations does is a strategy to attract and maintain patronage. I am not arguing that. I was disturbed by the parallels you were making to other companies. Sony != BP.

Are you suggesting that Sony is not being humble?

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Junse1563d ago

Maybe if you feel pride of your creation, you must do an extra effort trying of just show the specs withouth being hiperbolic.

smokeyjoekenobi1563d ago


actually I'd go further than that, I think it shows a lack of humility. You shouldn't need to shout it out loud.

P.S Don't worry about the disagrees, you can't expect sony-ites to blindly support the huge multinational, multi-billion dollar corporation and understand dictionary definitions at the same time!

Death1562d ago

Usually when someone has to tell you they are smart, they are an idiot. If they tell you they are rich, they are broke. I don't see how telling people you are humble is any different. I don't see Microsoft or Sony as being humble. If I had to point the humility finger at anyone in the game industry it would be Nintendo. Even at the height of the 16 bit console wars, it was "Sega does what Nintendon't" while Nintendo showed off it's games and features. For the record I was on the Sega side of that war, but I hedged my bets and had friends that were pro-Nintendo.

Eonjay1562d ago

You seem to be blinded in you dislike for Sony.
How does "We are trying to be humble" = a lack of humility. I assume you would only be satisfied if they didn't speak at all.

Death1562d ago

I never claimed to not like Sony. I have purchased and used every Sony console and handheld since the original Playstation. The PS4 is the first console I didn't pre-order. In all honesty that is more due to the fans I see on n4g more than anything. The lack of a game I want isn't helping. I have all the Killzones and was hoping for something beside a prettier version on the PS4. Am I not allowed to have my own opinions to still be a fan?

Humility would be letting your product speak for you. The moment you say "look I'm humble", you lost any chance at being humble. The only ones that will believe it to be true are those that want to.

If Sony actually did things that were humble, I would believe it. They have become very good at saying what fans want to hear. What they have said and what they have done are not the same. The message from E3 was Sony focusing on games first while they downplayed Microsoft's media capabilities. Just a month after launch they announce PSNow and it's pay tv service. Before that it was VitaTV. What games have we seen? Knack and Killzone. Clearly the focus at Sony is moving more TV's, tablets, smart phones and Blu-ray players. That is the market that will benefit by PSNow the most. The core market is what they are willing to sacrifice to get it. PSNow isn't helping their retail presense and has a great chance to hurt game sales as more people decide to stream.

No one wants to believe it, but Sony won the next gen format war with the PS3. What they lost was a significant amount of console gaming market share. Now they are looking to do it again. Streaming is less a suppliment to the Playstation console market and more a replacement. Hardware costs Sony money. Retailers cost Sony money. PSNow eliminate both and Sony is extremely cash strapped. It's not hard to see the direction they are heading.

Hey, I'm the bad guy here. I think Sony has an excellent start this gen and should focus on it's core market. The traditional bsuiness model still works and in my opinion is there best hope at becoming profitable. Securing Blu-ray did not get them out of the red like they had hoped. I don't see how this will end and different. If I were as much of a Playstation fan as many here are, I would probably listen less to what Sony is telling me and maybe pay attention to what they are doing. Sony will not change anything unless the fans let them know how they feel. If you are good with what's going on, I wish you well. I would like to see them take what they have, appreciate it and then build on to it. If that makes me the bad guy, I'm ok with it.

Eonjay1562d ago

You are actively looking for reasons to dislike Sony. People do the same thing to Microsoft. You ignore the fact that the PS4 has more games coming to it than any other platform including 80-90% of games coming to the Xbox One. If you can't find any games that you want for the platform, it because you aren't looking. You are not required to purchase PSNow or the TV service but those options are available for people who want them.

Its about choice. Relinquishing that privilege because of some comments on N4G doesn't hurt Sony's image. It just makes you sound weak.

People are seizing on the power and affordability of the package Sony is offering without the need to purchase services and devices that they do not need.

Microsoft recently said "We continue to be HUMBLED and overwhelmed by the positive response from our fans."

Does this automatically disqualify them from being humble?

You are ridiculous and you will continue to be wrong as long as your prime objective is to dislike Sony.

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iceman061563d ago

You have to remember that humility is HUGE in Japanese business. The right level of humility is even MORE important. To show too much is to show weakness. To show too little is to be arrogant. Thus, the perfect levels of bows for each level or "respect". Plus, let's just be real, humility is not a static entity for a company. It's far easier to be humble as a person and not be judged. In business, it's a totally different story.

Hicken1562d ago

You say you don't dislike Sony, but anybody who works as hard as you do at making every single comment and action they make look bad- even when it's something as innocuous as this- obviously has something more akin to hatred.

I bet you'd like to spin that around and say, "But Hicken, you do your fair share to try and make Microsoft look bad." Well, I DON'T like Microsoft, so there's that out of the way. Never shied away from that stance, either. But Microsoft does enough to make themselves look bad. It only seems like I say so much about them to make them look bad because there's so much to say, and you guys(Xbox fans) try so hard not to look at it.

Unless you're trolling- or stealth trolling, as the case with some members of this site tends to be- you can't find something negative in this comment by Sony. To see it, you have to be looking for it, and you have to know what it really means, and be ignoring that.

Marked for (stealth) trolling. Moving on.

Death1562d ago

It's funny how you and Eonjay keep telling me I don't like Sony and or Playstation because my opinions differ from yours. I guess you weren't with me on the cold winter mornings delivering newspapers to save up for a Walkman (I'm getting old) or standing in line on launch day with me waiting for the release of the original Playstation in 94. I know you never helped me pay for any of the Sony tv's I've bought or helped me move the last tube tv I had (took 2-3 people to move a 35" tube tv).

I own and have played and still have every Playstation to date except the PS4. I'm pretty sure I am the only one on n4g that liked Haze and Lair. The update for Lair made it much better.

All of my Bluray players are Sony and if they go through with a Windows8 Xperia I will pick one up day 1. All of my stereo components are Sony (except speakers). I've spent tens of thousands with Sony in my lifetime.

I appreciate you telling me how I feel. I really do. You feel cheering Sony on for everything they do is the best thing you can do to support them. I respect that. I have also seen Sony decline over the years with the decisions they have made. No matter how bad they are doing, there are always people like you to say they are doing great. Sony listens to their customers like all companies. When you get a chance, think about what you are telling them.

I'm a Sony hater from what I am told. Here is my advice to you, go buy some games. The free games with Plus are killing them. When speaking to "stealth trolls" like me, lead by example. You are very passionate about Sony. Your actions and words hurt them more then help them. You are at war and everyone that doesn't share your opinion are the enemy. Those are the people you want to focus on bringing to your side. Instead you push them away. How does that help Sony? The irony is you are trying to help Sony. I'm not trying to make a dig, but if I were Sony I wouldn't want you representing me. Hopefully your retail presence is better than you online persona.

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