Forgotten Memories Being Finalized for PSN

According to the Psychoz Interactive, they are currently in the process of finalizing the Pilot Episode of Forgotten Memories.

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isarai1403d ago

Oh My Goodness, that looked SO GOOOOOD!! bringing back dat classic horror, gett'n this for sure

Inception1403d ago

This is the 1st time i hear the title. But from the trailer it looks good.

CaptainYesterday1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

I'm loving all the survival horror games coming out this year :)

Inception1403d ago

Yeah me too. There's outlast, daylight, dying light, evil within, this game, and maybe alien: isolation (if that turns out as good as the preview). Hopefully capcom will make RE7 back to it's roots.

CNCOMICS1403d ago

I've been keeping up with this game for quite some time. Here's a link to the Touch Arcade forum that the developer posts on: