Keiji Inafune planning 2014 as “The Year of the Attack”

In 2014, Keiji Inafune of Comcept would like to have “The Year of the Attack”.

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Fireseed1348d ago

Just gonna put this here for when you read it...

wonderfulmonkeyman1348d ago

I'll see your classic tune and raise you a rock remix:

Fireseed1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

+1 for Well Said sir!

You receive +2 Internets today.

EDIT: @Disagree Nice try Dr. Wily.

yeahokchief1348d ago

I see your videos and raise you greatness tonight!

JohnnyTower1348d ago

Wtf kind of article is that? I've seen longer tweets.

WeAreLegion1348d ago

Can't wait for Soul Sacrifice: Delta.

Kevlar0091348d ago

"The Year of the Attack", sequel to "The Year of Luigi"