A Petition For Those Who Want Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix On Xbox 360

Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "As we all know, Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be released on the Xbox One alongside the PS4. A band of gamers have started a petition (which has 1,356 signatures at the time of this writing) to get Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix on the Xbox 360 so that way no one is left behind when it comes to the story."

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DejectedJeff1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

It would be a smart idea on Sqenix's part since KHIII will be on Xbox One...

Neoninja1558d ago

I agree and it'll be a great way for those who hasn't played the games on the ps2 or own a ps3 a chance to understand the story for part 3.

jeremyj29131558d ago

Or they can just watch the stories on youtube. That's what I did for Kingdom Hearts

ShinMaster1558d ago

It's exclusive for a reason. JRPGs don't do all that well on Xbox with the exception of the first FF13 game (which still sold less than half of the PS3 version). Not even exclusive games like Lost Odyssey get much love.

So I doubt that there are many Xbox 360 gamers (with the exception of a minority on the internet) interested in playing a game like this from the PS2 era.

UltimateMaster1558d ago

ShinMaster is right.
JRPGs don't sell on Xbox at all.
People say they want it, but when it does come, they don't buy it and they're left with poor sales.

RockmanII71558d ago

@shin/ultimate then why even have KH3 on xbox?

ShinMaster1558d ago

@ Rockmanll7

That doesn't really refute our statement, but... I don't know, to be honest. I don't know why Square Enix makes some of the decisions that they make. How am I supposed to know? Maybe they're just hoping for the best.

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Eonjay1557d ago

If it make you guys feel better it is on PS3 and is fantastic.

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Concertoine1558d ago

Lol whats up with the disagrees? What's wrong with xbox owners experiencing such a great game? Especially if it leads to better sales for the new one. It's not like theyre STEALING Kingdom Hearts from PS owners, geez.

Neoninja1558d ago

I guess people feel that it's more associated with the playstation brand and that is should stay there.
Personally I feel that a great series like KH should be experienced by as many people as possible.

Fireseed1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Just remember... these people actually exist.


Nate-Dog1558d ago

Realistically it'd probably be a lot of work, especially considering that both HD collections have games that weren't even on PS systems to begin with on them (358/2 Days, RE: Coded), although yes I am aware 358/2 Days is only in cutscene form on the 1.5 collection. Plus the second HD collection has a PSP game on it too as well as the PS2 one.

Sevir1558d ago

Think it's out of Squares hands... Sony paid for exclusive rights for the remix collection. In fact there it was at TGS this year that announced that they have a partnership with a number of publishers and developers to bring exclusive content to PlayStation platforms. That list included Square. That partnership included, exclusive games, marketing rights and brand association for key 3rd party titles and exclusive DLC for select titles on PS platforms

In squares case, that includes, KH collection 1.5 and 2.5 exclusively for PS3, FF10 and 10-2 for Vita and PS3, and having FF15 and Kingdom hearts 3 marketed and associated with PS4, as well as having The PS3 and PS4 play home to the console versions of FF14:ARR.

So I don't think a petition will change it. And knowing square they'll likely ignore it and give everyone on Xbox 360 the Final Fantasy 13 collection which will include 13, 13-2 and LR:FF13 and Type-0.

xxShadow-Shockxx1558d ago

It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth to see games associated with one brand move to the competition.

MGS is now multiplat
KH multiplat

Mass Effect Mulitplat
I hear Gears of War 4 is going multiplat.

Concertoine1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

but... why? i think it's great that another console gets to experience games like that.
the only time it pisses me off is like with ME2 where the ps3 owners got all the dlc included with their release one year later, and that was A LOT of dlc. like enough to the point where im sure most would've gladly waited a year with the PS owners. same with ninja gaiden sigma and all that stuff. that's why i hate timed exclusivity BS, it always screws one console over.

Rainstorm811558d ago

This entire time I thought it WAS on 360.

I'm not really a fan of exclusives going multiplat either....I couldn't imagine Halo Mario or Kratos on other platforms.

In this case KH did start on PS2 but there are gersions on Nintendos handheld and KH3 is multiplat...I figured the remastered versions would go the way of ZOE or MGS

-Foxtrot1558d ago

Because hardly any Xbox owners will actually give a crap about the game to buy it

It's bad enough they are wasting time putting KH3 on the Xbox One and even FF15....hardly anyone will buy those games on that console.

Games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy do better on the Playstation, why waste time, money and resources to bring a game to a console only a handful of people wil actually buy.

You may aswell try to convince them to buy the console they are making it for.

Patrick_pk441558d ago

@Anthony I can totally agree. Some of the best Playstation exclusives such as MGS and KH going to other platforms, when we receive total crap like Mass Effect.

Is Gears even being developed? And if so, how do you know its multiplat?

Concertoine1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Arent we arguing on enough articles? Lol
Devil may cry 4, the fourth entry in a series that never once touched an xbox console. Only 20k less than the ps3 version.
And considering all 3 of the FF13 games made it on 360, they must make enough to warrant a port.

GameSpawn1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

People seem to forget, Sony owns the rights to all of the characters from Final Fantasy VII (in part to the funding of the game's production on the PSOne). Square has to have their permission to release a game featuring those characters on other systems.

So, you can guess that from this little tid bit of knowledge what Square's chances are getting permission to release ANY Kingdom Hearts HD Remix on the Xbox systems.

Square would either have to loose a percentage of each Xbox version sold to license out the characters from Sony or "castrate" (censor is not good enough) ANY Final Fantasy VII related content from the game. For ANYONE who has played Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2, censoring out anything Final Fantasy VII related would COMPLETELY change the game if not remove most of it entirely.

Mithan1558d ago

Because people are stupid.

ShinMaster1558d ago

Nothing wrong with Xbox owners experiencing such a great game. If only they appreciated these types of games in the first place.

DigitalRaptor1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

It wouldn't sell well enough on Xbox for the efforts or resources to be worth it. The desire for this kind of game on Xbox is far lower than that of Nintendo and Sony audiences.

If they wanted it, they would've played on the original platforms. And if they so badly wanted to play the HD versions they could already have bought a (now cheap) PS3 to experience it and the plethora of other exclusive games it provides.

Not just that, but I suspect Sony have an exclusivity contract with Square, as we have seen much exclusivity as of late in regards to HD ports. Also expect some kind of exclusive marketing campaign for FFXV and KH3 on PS4, as well as some timed exclusive DLC.

This kind of petition is about as redundant as the one asking Sega or Microsoft to bring Shenmue III to Xbone.

Goro1557d ago

Becuase they're a bunch of idiotic fanboys who only like games if they're PS exclusive.

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deviouslight1558d ago

not really there wouldnt be enough sales to warrant the port

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blackblades1558d ago

Stupid idea, it all just going to be a bunch of clips, just like how 385days and the other KH became clips on the collection because they were on nintendo systems. Logic people.

Blaze9291557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

people who don't want KH on the Xbox are the same ones who cry throughout the internet asking "why" - like they are entitled to something. Smh

You all act like the majority of Xbox 360 owners, WERENT PS2 owners. The original Xbox wasn't that popular. PS2 was the system. And a lot of those gamers, moved on to Xbox 360.

You ask why KH3 is coming to Xbox One, maybe because Square knows there's a market for it - regardless of how few 'you' think it is. They can easily make it happen and honestly, should with KH3 coming to XB1.

hqgamez1557d ago

They don't deserve it. when it says "making Kingdom Hearts only come out on ps3 disrespects its fanbase on the xbox 360" what xbox fanbase? Kingdom Hearts Fanbase was only on PlayStation. That's where it belongs. Yeah they can join in for KH3, but if they want original they go to the roots. If they want to play, play on a ps2 or ps3. Don't say you don't got either. Can't want to play a hd version of Kingdom hearts if you never played playstation. That's a waste of money, and a slap to the face. Konami knows that with the MGS. Thinking it was gonna cash in, but didn't. PS3 edition outsold the remake 10:1

GamingNerd0131557d ago

Problem is I don't think it ever will 4 3 reasons 1 it has characters that sony owns from FF7, 2 I don't think it'll sell very much as well on it and last I might be wrong but I'm guessing it'll might be a 2 disc game as I don't think all 3 would fit in 1 disc. I think at this point if u want to play kH HD collection then just get the PS3 as u can get pretty cheap now and has tons of other games that u simply can't miss out on. And one last thing this is not being a fanboy but instead from my logic I think it's pointless making KH3 for X1 cause they r just wasting money as most xbox users r FPS fans and hardly any JRPGS fans on xbox and also not having the HD collection on 360 as well.

_FantasmA_1551d ago

Or you could buy a PS3 and PS4.

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capjacksparrow1558d ago

Or they could just get a PlayStation. I mean, if you're interested in KH3, chances are you already owned a PS console at one point in your life. PS4 may have the KH remix on PS Now when it releases so you won't even need the PS3. Eh, whatever.

Fireseed1558d ago

Spending 200$ to play a game someone may or may not like...

BlackTar1871558d ago

I'm sure they have other games they would like.

Consoles need exclusives.

SpiralTear1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

You do realize that the PS3 had and still has a huge, diverse library and a lot of really great games, right?

xICHIGOx1558d ago

Maybe because the ps3 is a must have console? Uncharted saga, the last of us, lbp saga, Heavy Rain and Beyond 2 soul, Valkyria Chronicles, 3D dot game heroes, tales of xillia 1-2, infamous saga ecc there are plenty of reason for owning a ps3 not only a collection of ps2 games.

ScubaSteve11558d ago

if they don't wanna play this game. why bother of making a petition in the first place?

fenome1558d ago

Okay, so what you're saying is that evey single console should be able to play every game ever made right?

We need the diversity we get through competition, and exclusive content is the main thing that sets these companies apart. Might as well start a petition to get the Mario games on there as well, or maybe Pokemon.

Fireseed1558d ago


No. Actually that is aboslutely nothing near anything even remotely what I said. Not sure how you read THAT hard between the lines but try again dude...

@everyone else

Yeah I understand the PS3 has a huge library, but how are you so blind to the fact that I'm saying people may not have 200$ on hand now? How is that simple fact SO hard to grasp for you? >_> I could understand if I said "The PS3 is a poor investment" but I didn't. Here I'll boil it down REALLY simple for you all to get it...

I have 60$ I want to play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD.

Do I either;

A) Not get it because I can't afford a PS3 and the game combo atm since somehow 60$ < 220$


B) Group people together to ask the developers for version which would be within my price range?

DCfan1558d ago

Double standards much??
People say things like "competition is important" then say things like "everybody should experience a great game, so exclusivity sucks"

Fireseed1558d ago


Competition IS great. And of course consoles need exclusives... but KH 1.5 HD isn't a signed excluisve. It's an exclusive out of happen stance... not contractual obligation.

ShinMaster1558d ago

It's exclusive for a reason. Not out of simple laziness.

fenome1557d ago


Don't get me wrong, I was still having an argument in my head about this with someone else in a different thread. Sorry dude, wasn't trying to come at you like that :)

Consoles do need exclusives, but you're right, this isn't a first-party exclusive. So honestly it's not a big deal if it goes to other consoles. The more people that get to experience it the merrier. Being exclusive just for the sake of being exclusive is dumb, only first-party studios should get to do that. I'm not gonna hate if someone gets to play a game I like on a different console, there's no point. It doesn't affect me at all and other people get to enjoy the game. It's a win-win situation, what I said came out totally wrong.

Tres211557d ago

im with Fenome on this 1 im one of those rare xbox owners that the company shouldnt cater 2 but is a fan on the series and wants to play now this title that every1 is going back & forth over is an odd 1 cuz its a game that has ports on it & the point was to get the game out 2 more ppl & ppl were always complainin about about them being on handhelds but dont listen 2 me im ramblin cuz i would also buy a console 4 KH and prob will get it on ps4 1 of the odd times i lik the way the ps controller feel playin a game better

fenome1557d ago


Totally agree that this one is a strange one to go back and forth over considering there have been Kingdom Hearts games on the Vita and Ds as well. The story in this game is scattered all over the place, in-game as well as what you're playing it on. I'm surprised they didn't release a side-story for the Ouya :p lmao

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XiSasukeUchiha1558d ago

Ok why can u guys get a ps3? just saiyan

FlameHawk1558d ago

Then you aren't ever going to play Kingdom Hearts 1.5.

TM3331558d ago

Can we petition for it not to happen LOL?!

adventureghost1241558d ago

better yet, can we petition to have KH3 exclusive?

TheGrimReaper00111558d ago

just for the heck of it, I looked it up and yes. Yes you can: