PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son Showcased in Several New Gameplay Videos: Looks Awesome

There are just a little more than two months from the release of Sucker Punch’s PS4 exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son, and several gameplay videos of the demo showcased on the show floor at CES are surfacing.

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XiSasukeUchiha1348d ago

Looks awesome as heck man can't wait to try this out very soon

GarrusVakarian1348d ago

Wow, for once i actually managed to not watch a video of a game im eagerly anticipating. Usually the hype overtakes me but i wan't the experience to be as fresh as possible.

But i gotta admit, that video with the neon power as the picture is REALLY tempting.

ZodTheRipper1348d ago

Yes, neon looks incredible in motion :)

Conzul1348d ago

I did that for TLOU. Was totally worth it. Props on your fortitude.

DeadMansHand1348d ago

@conzul. "Fortitude". Now I want to play Oblivion.

mewhy321347d ago

Holy smokes!! This game looks absolutely amazing!!
I am really pumped about this one. I can't wait!!!!

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nope1111348d ago

DAT neon dash.... hnnng

showtimefolks1347d ago

and people said we wouldn't notice a big different graphics wise from current to next gen. Games like infamous 2nd son aren't even possible on current consoles

huge infamous fan, can't wait to see where they take the story and if Cole is ever mentioned

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Pintheshadows1348d ago

In the last video you can hear someone playing AC Black Flag in the background.

Anyway, it looks amazing.

Bennibop1347d ago

This game makes the ps4 version of black flag look like last gen!

Drakesfortune1347d ago

black flag would and could of looked a lot better if they didnt have to develop for ps3/360

DragonKnight1347d ago

@Drakesfortune: They chose to dumb down the next gen version of AC4 to be comparable to the ps3/360 version, they didn't have to, they wanted to.

Destrania1348d ago

This game looks f'n fantastic!

DanielGearSolid1348d ago

Tired of seeing that same section

solidsheep1347d ago

On the plus side you at lest get to see neon in action a bit.

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The story is too old to be commented.