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Ryse: Son Of Rome Review | GameGrin

It’s been a long road for Ryse, once a Kinect only Xbox 360 title; but you’re not here for a history lesson and that’s good, because Ryse isn’t here to give you one. Ryse manages to display the greatest aesthetics of any Xbox One launch title yet is a let down in almost every other department. (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One) 3.5/10

Kingthrash360  +   285d ago
this is old news, but it still stings a little. i remember when ryse was THAT game. THAT system seller...smh
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FACTUAL evidence  +   285d ago
Dlacy13g  +   285d ago
I have played it for quite a bit of time. It is far better than 3.5. Its not a perfect game that is for sure but its not 3.5 bad. 3.5 is a score you give to a game that is broken in some way, major game halting glitches or horrible graphics & voice acting for the system its on. This game has none of that.
bessy67  +   285d ago
Yeah, I totally agree. It's definitely not good enough to be a 10 but it's also definitely not bad enough to be a 3.5. IMO I'd say it is simple but enjoyable. The story is simple but enjoyable, the combat is simple but enjoyable and the MP is simple but enjoyable. I understand that everyone has their opinions and is entitled to them, but after playing Ryse I can't see how someone could feel it deserves as low as a 3.5/10.

Seeing as a score that low in pretty much every review system in existence on every gaming publication means the game is genuinely terrible or a technical mess and Ryse is neither, I don't see how you or others could actually justify the score.

"Many, MANY sites disagree"
Well seeing as there are only two lower scores out of the 69 posted on Metacritic, you are completely wrong.
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SilentNegotiator  +   285d ago
I know, everyone really needs to follow YOUR rating system.

No game should get under a 7/10 unless it's BROKEN. Especially an Xbox exclusive with pretty graphics; NO game with pretty graphics should get a 3.5/10, bro.

"that is pretty much how every review system in existence on every gaming publication works"
-So the majority of sites say that 3.5/10 = major glitches and bad graphics? With gameplay only kinda sorta playing a role? Yeah, okay.
"Only games that are genuinely terrible or technical messes get scores that low. Ryse is neither"
-Many, MANY sites disagree.
"I don't see how you or others could actually justify the score"
-He said that the "Gameplay is shallow, repetitive and unrewarding". I don't care if the story is godly, the graphics are amazing, and it's 100% bug-free; If the reviewer thinks the gameplay is bad, he has justified giving it a low score.
"seeing as there are only two lower scores out of the 69 posted on Metacritic, you are completely wrong"
-Plenty of scores pretty close to this one. An additional half of a point or 1 doesn't mean that they disagree.
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bessy67  +   285d ago
When the average score is 60 and some site gives it a 35, that is an outlier. Just like a score of 85 would be an outlier.
DEEBO  +   285d ago
Really? its not the best game but this review is just garbage.
i played up to part were his buddy dies by the barbarian women but noway this game is that bad.
too much fanboy bs.
i just look at the review and all his points are true but to be an 3.5 game means its unplayable buggy mess and ryse is not that.its worth a rent.
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Ravenor  +   285d ago
Boudicas outfit reminded me way to much of Jack from Mass Effect 2, leather straps which I can't quite figure out why they're there. Nipple protection is my guess.
Volkama  +   285d ago
Deebo you're practically at the end of the game. I think you still have to go through the one part of it that is not enjoyable (F*** YOU ELEPHANTS), but you might as well get it done.

For what it's worth I really enjoyed Ryse while it lasted. 7/10 for me, with a "shame about the multiplayer micro-transactions" tagline.
lifeisgamesok  +   285d ago
This review is clearly console hate or paid for lol
BanginBiscuitz  +   285d ago
Lmao i really dont think people understand when they release these clearly bull reviews they just look severely bad and very unreliable for future reference. This is a perfect example on why nobody has probably heard of this review site, what a complete joke.
psDrake  +   285d ago
The announcement trailer got me excited about the x-box one.

My hopes/expectations crushed until I saw the the extended gameplay footage :(

As a ps4 owner, I hope they solve the problems of game mechanics and deliver a better experience for gamers.

If I am not wrong, they hired a dude from Santa Monica who was a lead director in God Of War so this is a HUGE step for them...

Crytek delivers amazing graphs but as we know, graphs isn't the only thing developers should focus on.
Revolt13  +   285d ago
Nuh uh
hyabusha  +   285d ago
What B.S. I've played RYSE the most of all my launch games. Beautifully action packed game! I LOVE RYSE!
GiantEnemyCrab  +   285d ago
Agreed. This review is garbage. 1/10
BX81  +   285d ago
Well said sir. This game isn't perfect but this is reviewer is either a hater of MS or someone who has never played aliens C.M.
Ravenor  +   285d ago
It's not a great game, but abhorrently bad? I think that's taking things a step to the extreme.
ziggurcat  +   285d ago
the same site posted a ridiculous review of knack yesterday.

ryse doesn't seem like it's anywhere near goty, but 3.5? that's too low of a score to give this game, no matter what side of the fence you sit on.
Ewok  +   285d ago
As I pointed out on that thread, our review of Knack was actually above the average critic score (6.5 compared to a 5.4 metacritic score), so I'm not sure why that particular review got so many comments about the scoring...

I can at least understand the comments re: this title, given that the score contrasts so much from the average. I suppose that's always going to happen in an industry that relies on 'one man's opinion'.

Someone called it an 'outlier' and that's a fair description. Someone also said reviews like this negatively impact a site's reputation. Honestly, they probably do, as any significant variation from the norm is clearly viewed as unusual.

However, I'd much rather see a few outliers go up on the site than prejudice the scoring system. The day the editorial team starts interfering with review scores simply because they differ from the average is the day I'll decide to move on to new pastures.

You may see the front-end stuff and think something is questionable. That's fine, and as an informed reader it's your right to disagree with a reviewer if you have a different opinion. I'd rather be in the position where readers question content than have everything look all rosy to a reader, but be rotten behind the scenes.
Volkama  +   285d ago
Nice to see you explain yourself in the lowly N4G comments. I wouldn't bother in future, but still nice.

It's absolutely true that gaming media has this horrible hive mind going on, where every publication seems to aim for the "correct score" that matches consensus rather than the score a game deserves. Keep up the independent thinking and I'll pay attention to your reviews.

Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed Ryse. I found the combat to be all about rhythm, timing, and pattern recognition and I felt that it throws new patterns your way often enough to keep combat entertaining. The presentation of the game (and of course graphics) are simply outstanding.

I'd like to see more variety in the enemy models (or take the age-old shortcut and put helmets on more of them) but that's not a huge complaint. I'd kick up more of a fuss about the multiplayer meta-game being designed around transactions, that's the biggest flaw in the game for me and kills it's longevity and value dead.

7/10, definitely worth playing but wait until the price matches your value for a 6 hour romp.
Lovable  +   285d ago
Score seems right. Game was garbage
KingKongKilla  +   285d ago
Killzone Garbage.
Lovable  +   285d ago
I concur Kingkong.
shammgod  +   285d ago
Completely agree. Pretty awful game
LGM313  +   285d ago
Getting better and better everyday
Cherchez La Ghost  +   285d ago
I just finished this game. This score is ridiculous. I refuse to click on this link. The lowest I give Ryse is an 8. This score right here is for Battlefield 4 online service.
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corvusmd  +   285d ago
What? Seriously? So then this reviewer gave Last of Us a 2.5?
saint_seya  +   285d ago
This review is crap, this game doesnt deserve a 3.5, more like a 6, but you are saying that this game is better than TLoU.. Fanboy is one thing, been delusional is another one..
Lets see one game awarded as the best game of the year #about 200 awards, against a game that has a meta score of 6.x .. yeah i see your point Ryse is better..
modesign  +   285d ago
lol some more salt on the ryse wounds.
ShinraE5  +   285d ago
LOL did the reviewer just read the comments on a few low reviews or did they actually play this?

I notice a LARGE contrast in opinion between those who have played it and those who have just read about it from major portals or "played it at a friend's house"...

This game had some flaws but was a fun game overall with some great scenes and quality story/voice acting.

Easily 7-8.5 range.
Tontus  +   285d ago
Let's see if Todd Papy can help significantly improve the sequel so Ryse can become Microsofts God of War equivalent.
PFFT  +   285d ago
The game is not for everyone.
I for one loved the game. And i dont think that low score has to do with them hating the XB1 cause both Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5 got higher scores than Whack(Although this cheesy as fck game got a higher score than it should) and Killzone Shadow Fall. Although Killzone does deserve a better score than that.
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