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GIZORAMA - Global Nuclear War was a thing in the year 1998 that lead to a group of US Army Rangers wholing up in the American southwest for nearly a century. The “Desert Rangers” first graced PC gaming in 1988’s Wasteland as they investigated a series of disturbances that ultimately led them to discover and defeat a larger threat to the remnants of humanity. Even more dangerous to the world of Wasteland was the game’s publisher, Electronic Arts, who had exacted their control of the Wasteland property preventing the developer Interplay from creating a sequel which led them to create the spiritual successor series Fallout instead.

It has been 16 years since the original released and the Desert Rangers are primed to return to gaming after the purchase of rights by InXile Entertainment which is led by Brian Fargo the producer/co-designer of Wasteland. InXile launched an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign that secured nearly $3 million in crowdfunding to finally make the sequel that fans always wanted. Wasteland 2 has now entered beta testing for both Kickstarter backers and those willing to shell out the cash money for Steam Early Access. Despite the rough estimate of only 30% of the content being available, the quality of Wasteland 2 is evident.

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