Q&A: Planet Moon On New IP, Return Of PSP?

Developer of the just-released Battle of the Bands for Wii, published by THQ, Planet Moon - founded in 1997 by some of the ex-Shiny veterans who helped created MDK, is one of the more quirkily interesting Bay Area game creators.

In particular, a history of offbeat humor has permeated original IP Planet Moon action titles such as Giants: Citizen Kabuto and Armed And Dangerous.

More recently, the company has worked on titles including Infected and After Burner Black Falcon for PSP - as well as Smarty Pants for Electronic Arts and Battle Of The Bands for THQ - both on the Wii.

In this in-depth interview, Gamasutra talks to Chief Operating Officer Aaron Loeb about Planet Moon's recent titles, and the place it sees for original IP in the industry, which includes a call for an obvious distinction between "blockbuster" games and "art house" games.

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