EA Addresses Bad-lefield 4 / Sim City and Awesome Games Done Quick’s Million Dollar Milestone

FRONTBURNR: There are two major stories weighing heavily on the minds of gamers today. Many are up in arms over the major announcements that EA has made. Yes, nearly a year after the game’s launch, Sim City (2013) will finally have an offline mode. This has created a divide that has almost all but ignored their Battlefield 4 announcement as well. Also, the most peculiar marathon event is the latest to raise 1 million dollars in charitable donations.

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NYC_Gamer1562d ago

I won't buy another EA published title until the company learns how to treat customers/not release broken software

agentxk1562d ago

They have a really good MOBA coming out, so there's always that... lol

Rushing_Punch1562d ago

Expecting EA to do anything that doesn't deal with money up front is like expecting MS to be truthful about their policies.