New Project CARS Videos Show Spectacular Visuals, 4K Resolution, AI Behavior

Two new videos, one of which in 4k resolution, showcase the beautiful visuals of Project CARS and more.

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XiSasukeUchiha1558d ago

This is going to be so good mmmm gaming

Muffins12231558d ago

Wish i had 4k monitor for this shit

cannon88001558d ago

Vizio will be releasing their line of 4k 50 inch televisions starting at $999.00

Something for you to keep in mind :D

ATi_Elite1557d ago

I got a 65" Sony 4K TV, Hydraulic set-up, wheels, and pedals making Project Cars the best racing experience ever for me.

ATi_Elite1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

This is an OLD BUILD, the new build now has dust that gradually sticks to the windshield/car adding even more realism to an already flawless game.

The NPC car A.I. is tremendous and they are constantly tweeking it to make it feel like you are racing Humans and not just bots.

A.I. too me is what really sets one form of gaming apart from other forms as Next Gen games need more emphasis placed on A.I. than Graphics.

Project Cars is the GREATEST RACER EVER.

Destrania1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I hope this game shapes up the way I want it to by release, but I'm still not holding my breath based on the studio's history and the fact I've seen some relatively bland, boring, and uninspired visuals/gameplay from videos that don't seem to match up with recent screenshots. This new video looks like it's going in the right direction though, which is good.

Abriael1558d ago

Remember that videos uploaded by users can be in all kind of graphics settings. This is max.

Mega241558d ago

Also Youtube's compression of the videos, it really kill alot of pixels and sound, plus no 60 fps on youtube, this is a wait and see with this game, but still it looks pretty good atm, I like the professional racing style, reminds me of Pro Race Driver.

cyguration1558d ago

Yep, what Abriael said is correct. There are no press videos for this game. Everything is submitted or uploaded by users actually playing the game, so not everyone has a high-end gaming rig.

Dude4201558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

And if you look at their history, you would know that the previous games were published by EA (need for speed) and Atari (Ferrari Test Drive). I've tried their alpha for a little while before I opted out (didn't have time). From the looks of things, I think it's safe to say that they had a deadline for these games and they probably got rushed. Now, these guys seem very serious about creating a realistic racing game as they have lots of the help from the community. There are even people who play simulators or actually test drive for a living that are helping them out.

gapecanpie1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Any one else noticed in the first video the car gear shift change on its own and the sense of speed seem horrible to me.

That first video can't be the PC version.

kingduqc1558d ago

Sense of speed seems much better then gt5...

aliengmr1558d ago

Most likely it was set to Automatic.

As far as the "sense of speed", it didn't seem completely off to me, but I guess that's subjective.

Its also entirely possible that some visual settings haven't been turned on, this was a test of the AI, not the visuals.

Onehandband1t1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

The gear shifter moves on its own as SMS have not yet added the gear shift animation to all cars yet. And I was driving in manual.

"That first video can't be the PC version." Not true, it is PC gameplay. In all fairness you need to be actually playing the game or atleast see a 60fps video, then you will get a true sense of speed the game offers.

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Kayant1558d ago

Damn this game is shaping up quite well wish I was more of a sim car person to appreciate it better.

darkstar181558d ago

really cant waitbto play this amazinggame on my Wii U, they seem to be puttingin some real effort on the WII U version so ill definitely pick this up day one ;)

Amigaengine1558d ago

I agree but have to wonder how the throttle and braking aspect will be handled ?

AKR1558d ago

Map it to one of the analog sticks?

NFS; Most Wanted U allows you to do that, if you want to.

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