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Project CARS Xbox One targets 1080p, 60 fps - Slightly Mad has "top secret" ideas for cloud

OXM "Not content with threatening Forza 5's visual lead on Xbox One, Slightly Mad has confessed to a few "top secret" ideas for how Project CARS might make use of the Xbox Live cloud. Drivatars beware." (Project CARS, Xbox One)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   596d ago
They target it hopefully its happens and sercet idea for cloud please just stop until u MS can give us proof of these claims i'm not buying this!

Disagree: Be logical here they haven't show us really much of cloud and 'true' power yet so i have the right to say it! be fanboy of logic geez sue me!
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Fireseed  +   596d ago
They haven't shown us much of their ability to utilize cloud computing... HOWEVER they have found a way to visually destroy every other racing game around. So I don't think they're banging rocks together over there.
cyguration  +   596d ago
Keep in mind that SMS is destroying every other game visually on PC. We don't know how the game will look on consoles yet.
Naga  +   596d ago
I have two main concerns with Project Cars on any console:

1) Will it measure up to the droolworthy graphical prowess they've displayed in the PC screenshots?

2) Will there be enough of a hardcore audience to sustain a game like this?

On the second concern, if the game is not accessible to the masses, it will matter very little how great of a hardcore simulation it is. The game itself would run the risk of being too exclusive to sustain a healthy profit for the developers, and the long-term viability of the project would come into question. To be clear, I'm not suggesting they compromise on their vision... it's just that there are natural consequences with going there.

As a car racing fanatic, I'm hoping for success on both fronts and on both consoles.
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AndroidVageta  +   596d ago
"Visually destroy" isn't accurate I would say. Even older games like NFS: Shift 2 or GRiD 1/2 don't look THAT much worse (if at all considering it at least has 3D crowds).

So yeah...not trying to be anti-X1 or anything (don't even own a console) but Forza 5 genuinely doesn't look THAT good. If it were not for the 1080p and 60fps it wouldn't even be that big a jump from Forza 4.
UltimateMaster  +   596d ago
Didn't I read an article that said the Wii U version will also be 1080p?


Guess I did.

kopicha  +   595d ago
Wait till something has been shown and proven. Other than that to me this is just another PR talk trying to hype things up. So far it is pretty damn clear that the Cloud thing that MS is bragging about is clearly just marketing bullcrap. As usual since that what they always does. Mark Cerny did commented Cloud wont make prettier graphics or anything about visual. However it does help other things that works well in Cloud. If whatever MS is bragging about their Cloud is so true, they would not be keeping quiet about it considering how they get so offensive when the internet blow up about how much more PS4 is technically more powerful than XO. Even Phil Spencer himself now said local compute is very critical now and a long way to go when being asked about Cloud. That already completely contradict the way how MS initially brag about their Cloud can do.

All in all those dont matter to me. What I really want to see is how this game able to stack up with those already establish franchises like GT n Forza. That's all I am interested now. All other talks are just more PR shit imo
P0werVR  +   595d ago

Wow, all the comments above...LOL!

Hope this isn't a new trend. Where an independent studio claims the benefits of cloud computing and they get bashed for it. You guys are low. Very sad.

I believe it's too early to down the technology so early. Give the generation a year before we start making judgments. So far, I'm loving this innovation. Games will be more changeable and organic. AIs will improve and newer gameplay features will make gaming great.

Can't wait to see what Fable Legends and Sunset overdrive will reveal. Or even Halo and Black Tusk's game.
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GameNameFame  +   594d ago
XBL will benefit from dedicated server, but desperate fanboy think it is some magic secret sauce. It isnt any company with dedicated server can do it.

Some facts to get past their delusion.

-MS themselves stated in their business plan that Azure is focusing Outlook, Skydrive, server liscensing and etc. Not XBL.

So to say MS spent 250 million just for XBL is pure just delusional. Servers made mainly for XBL stuff.

-What MS is doing with server has been done everywhere else. LOL. Literally for a decade. Look MMOs, all the AI, world events are done and calculated on server.

Now MS calls it cloud, fans who wanted to desperately clutch on to something now thinks it is magic sauce.

LOL. Using Outlook server on games. You think that is your secret sauce. LOL. Using servers has been done for decades. It does not offer any advantage over using dedicated servers.

Forza graphics have nothing to do with cloud. LOL. It runs exactly the same when you play offline. And Forza 5 was not really acclaimed for graphics.

Look at all the games doing with so called Cloud. LOL. nothing. Now Titanfall is confirmed 6v6 with cloud and reported to be 720P with cloud.

GameNameFame  +   594d ago
Also, first time I've heard a game with

-Card board crowd
-No dynamic weather
-Static lighting
-Static environment.
-Static seasons.

Get called "visually destroy" anything. LOL. DF wrote and article about its unimpresive graphics. LOL
The_Infected  +   596d ago
I love how the title mentions 1080p/60 on Xbox One with no mention of PS4 even though the article says:

"Slightly Mad hopes to achieve the coveted 1080p resolution and 60 frames a second on all platforms"

Also the article says:

"Careful use of eSRAM like this for the various render stages mitigates some of the advantage that PS4 has with its faster unified GDDR5 memory."

So PS4 is more powerful and should do better than the Xbox One version other than the cloud stuff.
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   596d ago
It's an "official" Xbox magazine you know they aren't going to mention other platforms.
jay2  +   596d ago
No, PS4 does cloud too, So PS4 should be better on all fronts.
Guwapo77  +   595d ago

"Careful use of eSRAM like this for the various render stages mitigates some of the advantage that PS4 has with its faster unified GDDR5 memory."

This line is utter rubbish. Let's say both systems used GDDR5 - the problem still is the graphics card. PS4 has a very large advantage regardless of it's ram type.
Rainstorm81  +   596d ago
Agree.....why is it all the cloud uses are always secret?

Let's talk about it...gamers are dying to know

It does make it seem like all PR.....using Cloud only as a talking point....can we see some implementation that actually show how "revolutionary" it is supposed to be for games
MRMagoo123  +   596d ago
The secret is it wont do anything special , the same as it hasnt done anything special for pcs in 10 years, the cloud i mean.
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Ausbo  +   596d ago
We are disagreeing because we know you dont have an xbox one for the cloud capabilities to matter to you
Prime157  +   596d ago
And that he only tries to be the first post in almost every article.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   596d ago
Have you not seen the Drivatars in Forza that use the cloud?
Rainstorm81  +   596d ago
I don't have an X1 just yet..... can u tell me how the Drivatars are different from Ghosts we've seen in games for over a decade?
Lukas_Japonicus  +   596d ago
@ Rainstorm81

Drivatars and ghosts are 2 completely different things. Ghosts are just overlays of your exact lap onto the track whereas Drivatars are data collected from real people who have played game, transferred onto an AI driver. They act like real players, because they are composed of real player data. The devs explain it much better here : http://www.digitalspy.co.uk...

The first time i read about the Drivatar system, i was really impressed. I haven't played Forza 5 yet, but i can't wait to see how it actually works in-game.

On topic: Great news about 1080p, 60fps. I hope they can hit the target.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   596d ago
Double post, my bad.
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AndroidVageta  +   596d ago
The thing that was used in the other Forza games without needing "Cloud Power™"?
Muffins1223  +   596d ago
Honestly if Microsoft can stream enhancing graphical features(like %20 of the gmae) and we see sony streaming %100 of a game then sony can easily do it too
mediate-this  +   596d ago
Sasuke your drunk go home
Mister_Dawg  +   595d ago
Yet if Sony had said this, you'd be riding them like a greased up piggy in the deep south.
ironmonkey  +   596d ago
secret area 51 shit.
_FantasmA_   596d ago | Trolling | show
curtis92  +   596d ago
Imagine what they can do with the PS4 version then!
TrueJerseyDevil  +   596d ago
I hope developers can do some crazy things with the cloud but i have some doubt of what it can really do. Hopefully I am shown otherwise
curtis92  +   596d ago
Still waiting to hear what these 'crazy' things are the cloud can do. Increasing xb1's power by 4x is just PR fluff-- Further suggesting the cloud talk is nothing more than damage control for being underpowered compared to PS4.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   596d ago
It is all talk. Cloud computing is not comparable nor is it a viable substitute to raw hardware power.

Take this quote from this article for example: http://www.develop-online.n...

"“Average broadband speeds in the developed world struggle to reach over 8mbps as of Q3 last year - that's only one megabyte per second. This means that whatever cloud computing power is available, consoles will have available to them an average of 1MB/s a second of processed data. If we compare that to the sort of bandwidth consoles are used to, the DDR3 of Xbox One is rated at around 68,000MB/s, and even that wasn't enough for the console and had to be augmented with the ESRAM.”"

The cloud making any significant improvments to graphics is a pipe dream that MS tells their fans. When you look at the facts that becomes apparent.
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annus  +   596d ago

Whoever wrote that quote has no idea how cloud computing works at all.

You want a good example of previous cloud computing? 3D rendering. It can take days to render stuff, but Autodesk have offered their cloud servers to render the image and send it back. So what happens? They do a HEAP of processing, and then return THE RESULTS (a single frame, or short clip).

That's what cloud processing is. Process on the cloud, send the result. Ask for a complicated calculation, get the result. Find the average path all players have taken across hundreds of matches, tell the AI to take a similar path. Millions of colliding parts moving, calculate where they should all go then return where each one should be. It does all still depend on latency though, so there is a limit on what they will do in real time.
headblackman  +   596d ago
I'm pretty sure you and every other playstation fanboy hope that it's just fuff and you wanna believe that same bs. it's a scary thought to know that they company that's not the company of your choice can make a system that can do things that the system of your choice cannot do. so if calling it fluff or whatever helps you sleep at night, then you say that, but it's still gonna happen.
MRMagoo123  +   596d ago

You keep telling yourself that lol , the Xbone started as the weaker system and it will end as the weaker system , maybe if MS said this console gen was gonna be 40 years long and they would have the cloud compute making the Xbone more powerful by 2030 then yes i think they might have something by then but there is no way this gen of consoles will be seeing any graphical improvement due to the cloud.

Just because you bought the factually proven weaker hardware doesnt mean you cant get a ps4 as well and play the games with better visuals and better frames, do yourself a favour and go buy one.If you can find one that is.
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Pogmathoin  +   596d ago
Well, its the developers talking, not MS, so lets give them the benefit of doubt... for now...
TrueJerseyDevil  +   595d ago

How am I a fanboy? I actually prefer the Xbox One to my PS4 right now
hiptanaka  +   596d ago
Is anyone else really starting to get annoyed with the buzz words "the cloud"?
jgrigs09  +   596d ago
I'm more annoyed it's being brought up by fan boys in every thread
Nocando  +   596d ago
Why would you have to ask when pretty much every Sony fan on this site complains about it? Admit it, most of you hate it because you feel somehow threatened by it.
rarity  +   596d ago
"Admit it, most of you hate it because you feel somehow threatened by it" god i hope you're joking how can someone be threatened by it? it shows no significant use AT ALL.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   596d ago
See my comment above to see why no one should feel threatened by the pipe dream that is "the cloud".

"most of you hate it because you feel somehow threatened by it."

Hate it? No. Sick and tired of it being falsely described to fool and mislead unintelligent loyalists? Yes. As for Sony fans being "threatened" by it.....why would they be threatened when they own a console with more REAL power?
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KingKongKilla  +   596d ago
If The Cloud Can't Work. Than PS Now Will Flop! So Shut It Sony PonIes!
tommygunzII  +   595d ago
No threat to me. It actually comes off as comedy when I hear these things. Also reminds me why I'm not a Microsoft customer.
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JBSleek  +   596d ago
No because it isn't a buzz word
fenome  +   596d ago
Servers, that's all it is. I'm typing this right now in 'the cloud'.
level 360  +   596d ago
One things for sure, I'll be getting the PS4 copy.
BeAGamer  +   596d ago
FlyingFoxy  +   596d ago
Nice, it should run 60+fps on PC with even midrange gfx cards then, which is pretty nice considering the graphics. That's optimisation for you.
ABizzel1  +   596d ago
Depends on what settings you use.
MidnytRain  +   596d ago
ABizzel1  +   595d ago

Don't come for me, unless I send for you. Trust me you don't want these problems.
pyramidshead  +   596d ago
Worrying. Key word I picked up from that was 'targets'
christocolus  +   596d ago
Great.seems more devs plan to integrate the cloud into their games. I love what turn 10 did with drivatars in forza 5. I hope these guys can take the idea alot farther,we already know ubisoft is using it for watchdogs,rare is using it for kinect sports rivals,respawn for titanfall,insomniac,lionhead and 343i are using it in some way and now these guys too. Cant wait to see what they plan to do with it.
deadfrag  +   596d ago
Its not out this year most likely.
pandehz  +   596d ago
Hmm how come no cloud joke yet. The page is almost over
jay2  +   596d ago
Project CARS Xbox One targets 1080p, 60 fps. The cloud will sort this issue guys, just get it on online requiring everyone to have a fiber optic connection, or pay nearly £100 less and play it at 1080P/60FPS like I am.
mochachino  +   596d ago
Anytime I hear positive news about xone graphics I'm happy because I know PS4 will look just as good or better.
CrowbaitBob  +   595d ago
Truth. I don't know why so many people feel like they have to trash the Xbone in order to feel good about the PS4. I'm truly impressed by what I've seen on the Xbone and knowing the PS4 is technically superior just makes me all the more excited for gaming this generation.
strigoi814  +   595d ago
i guess they will make it rain?

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