SimCity's offline play is the perfect definition of "too little, too late"

GameZone's Lance Liebl writes, "The problem is that I've moved on. When I bought SimCity, I expected to be able to play a game. And for weeks I wasn't able to. Even when I was, there were so many bugs that the game wasn't even fun. It was impossible to manage traffic because of logic flaws. Maxis had so many problems on their hands -- including unstable servers -- that I started to look at other flaws with the game. It was a SimCity that lost its identity as the city-management game that tons of gamers loved, shifting into a role as a multiplayer, multi-city reliant sh*t show of bugs with nothing but excuses thrown at consumers for why there couldn't be an offline mode."

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Saryk1502d ago

This article is the perfect definition of "NO SHIT"!

guitarded771502d ago

Yeah, it's late, but they may be going forward with getting the game on PS4/XBOXOne, which would potentially drive sales with the new format. Not saying they will, but it's possible.

CaulkSlap1502d ago

If anything that would further ruin SimCity's identity of being the preeminent city builder game. I can't imagine them doing anything but further dumb down and limit the game for the sake of console controls.

gk071502d ago

for me i have been waiting for this : ) and a cheaper price

curtis921502d ago

Something tells me full retail price for this crazy new 'offline mode' they've invented.

JBSleek1502d ago

I really like this version of Sim City just the cities aren't as big as anticipated.

CaulkSlap1502d ago

At least from my perspective they already ruined everything that made Simcity great, even excluding the horrible online only component and game breaking bugs. This was a day 1 buy for me and I was utterly shocked to find how limited the city size and complexity was. Even with every game breaking bug fixed, the game is just terrible compared to the ones of the past.

gk071502d ago

wow really thats bad huh