Top 5 Xbox One Upcoming Games

"The Top 5 Xbox One Upcoming Games was based strictly on our opinion and it included both exclusive, and non-exclusive Xbox One games."

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BanginBiscuitz1647d ago

I cannot wait for Quantum Break, TitanFall, Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Watchdogs, and Thief. I am also gonna get tomb raider because i did not play it at all on 360 and ive heard great things!

christocolus1647d ago

The first four games in your list are in mine too but im adding d4 and kinect sports rivals to my list,may get fable legends too but it will depend on my budget. Had so much fun playing kinect sports 1 with my family and friends and so far this one seems to be way more fun than the first two.

VIDGMER1647d ago ShowReplies(1)
Gamer6661647d ago

I don't think that's a great list...

1) Quantum Break
2) Titanfall
3) Sunset Overdrive
4) Fable Legends
5) D4