Sony Might Do Without Physical Games In The Future

Fergal Gara, Marketing Director of SCE UK, mentioned that the company might eventually do without physical games at some point.

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XiSasukeUchiha1680d ago

Sony might go without physical games! I'm sorry to say just think another ten years until internet improves, and people will understand

Sony I'm sorry to say but physical games are to be with us for a long time!

kaiserfranz1680d ago

Let's not get way ahead of ourselves now!

MasterCornholio1680d ago

That's what consumers did when Microsoft announced their DRM policies.

And look what happened.


MegaRay1680d ago

Lol and we should boycott steam too, and Xbox since they're gonna make everything cloud based

Nero13141680d ago

So is that drm ????? I hate buying digital games btw

stavrami1680d ago

Yea it's on the horizon, this time in 30 transit will be all digital

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The story is too old to be commented.