Sony Might Do Without Physical Games In The Future

Fergal Gara, Marketing Director of SCE UK, mentioned that the company might eventually do without physical games at some point.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

It's obvious one day physical will be gone. It's just a matter of when the horrible internet infrastructure improves.

TrueJerseyDevil1411d ago

Exactly why i won't happen for a while because people like me who live in areas where there are no wires in the ground. I have a crappy .65 Mbps and i have a limit of 20gb that i can use a month it is horrible

Alexious1411d ago

Wow, really? That's sad! I never understood data caps anyway.

There are no caps where I live.

Kingthrash3601411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

ive heard of these caps. gladly i live in LA and no caps on my service.
but that's 1 of many reasons why the digital only era will be a looong ways off.

Callediceman1411d ago

Sorry to hear dude. Hope you get access to better service ASAP.

Honest_gamer1411d ago

i will download 20gb of nothing (porn) just for you! poor sole

UnHoly_One1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

20 Gb a month, huh? That blows.

Since 11/15 I've downloaded

Killzone Shadowfall
NFS: Rivals
Forza 5
Powerstar Golf

And a couple XB1 game updates that were upwards of 5 Gb (yes just for an update).

If I had a 20 Gb cap I would have needed to ration that out over a whole year. O_O

That really sucks man, I feel for you.

GameSpawn1411d ago

20GB is a pretty ludicrous cap. Mine is a "virtual cap" around 200GB, but if you hit it all they do is slow your connection until the end of the month. If you go over cap too often they send you a very cross email and try and upgrade you to the next tier of service (as an option of course).

TrueJerseyDevil1411d ago

yea it does suck. You know what happens if i go over a 1 gb? The charge me $30 extra for every GB i go over pure B.S.

maniacmayhem1411d ago

Sorry to hear that, but unfortunately Sony and the rest of the world are moving towards this future and fast. It doesn't matter if your particular city/town can't handle the bandwidth.

There are many, many parts of the world and areas that can and this is where this future is shooting for. Everywhere else will have to play catch up due to demand.

Like it or not this is PSNow is the first building block for an all digital console. Imagine if this works, this could very well be the last console generation as some speculators have predicted.

DragonKnight1411d ago

You just can't let it go can you maniac. You'll parrot this until, 20 years from now, it happens and then in a grizzled voice you'll say "see, i told you it was going to happen soon."

It's not going to happen soon bud, TrueJerseyDevil is part of a majority, not a minority. Get ready to wait.

ZodTheRipper1411d ago

^best first world problems discussion ever

I went digital only with my PS4 and so far I'm loving it. Only prices and downloadspeeds need to be improved, digital should be at least 10% cheaper than physical.

maniacmayhem1410d ago


No Dragon, it's you who refuses to accept this. It's happening and it won't be 20 years from now. Just because you think it won't because Jack Tretton made a verbal promise to you doesn't make it some fantasy land, never gonna happen until the year 2350.

You think Comcast stops providing On Demand cable television service because a few areas don't have cable.

Do you think iTunes stops selling music because a few can't handle the bandwidth? Or Netflix isn't going full throttle forward with their streaming service by providing exclusive shows? No!

Do you see Steam taking any financial losses because the MINORITY of users who do not have the bandwidth are unable to take advantage of their service? No!

Just look at the many users of Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN+ and it will show you it is a majority. How about the users online for any past CoD game and tell me if it's still a minority.

Redbox, Verizon, Amazon, Gamefly, Gamestop and every other company is getting into the streaming, downloading business because it is the future and it will be a standard.

Keep on thinking that it won't happen because of limit caps or rural areas that don't have service. The world and especially big business doesn't stop and wait for those places to play catch up.

UltimateMaster1410d ago

Cable companies have bandwidth caps for
A-Make more money
B-Keep TV subscription relevant as a bundle

UltimateMaster1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

"Compared to PS3, Vita has had a higher percentage of games bought digitally since it was first launched. More Vita games are still consumed through physical game cards than they are through digital, but things are increasingly moving the other way. Could be that in future physical games becomes the side we do without."

How bout poor distribution of physical copy for Vita games?

TheGrimReaper00111410d ago

We here have a limit of 200 GB and thought that was not enough but 20GB?
They seriously need to get some better internet everywhere

1410d ago
XboxFun1410d ago

Well said Maniac, I can see full defense mode from a lot of the sony fanboys already, A blind man can see that this is Sony's way of controlling their games through their service. It's only a matter of time before they offer PS4 games and this becomes the only way to play them.

It'll be interesting when Sony does do away with physical games and we start to get the apologist starting to say they don't mind because "it's such a great deal" or they don't mind because "Sony provides the best exclusives".

Fighting mad one minute when another company has plans to do it and then gradually accepting it when their company is right around the corner from doing it themselves.

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AngelicIceDiamond1411d ago

"Sony Might Do Without Physical Games In The Future"

So according to last year Sony doesn't want a digital future now. So no matter what Sony is still gearing up for all digital. But yet Sony last year said they want to keep physical copy's of games and keep things like they are.

Sorry just trying to rap my head around this.

Sounds like the inevitable is still happening no matter how you spin this.

AceBlazer131411d ago

That my friend is the beauty in having options.

Hicken1410d ago

Preparing for the future. It's gonna happen, eventually. Why wait until it's a year or two away and then try implementing all the necessary programs? Better to be ahead of the curve.

And that this point, you're gonna be so far ahead of the curve you might be behind it.

People keep talking about how fast this is supposedly happening- the push to all-digital- but it's not happening nearly fast enough. If it took Chattanooga, Tennessee 300 million dollars to get the whole of their city more than ready(fastest broadband in the Western hemisphere, averaging 1Gb/s), just imagine what it would cost for the rest of the country. Then expand that to the rest of the world.

We're talking tens of billions, maybe even hundreds of billions of dollars here.

Sony and Microsoft aren't gonna push that along. It's stupidity to think that. It's ignorance to insinuate that any majority is ready for that future, because every factual shred of evidence says only a minority of the world- gaming or at large- is remotely ready.

Not saying you're making that claim, but quite a few people certainly are. Such blatant ineptitude really gets on my nerves.

TheGrimReaper00111410d ago

A digital only future is stil a long way
Not everyone can get high speed internet or has internet caps, or bad connections, ...
I think it'll be like pc's
While you can get "physical copies", it just installs the game on the pc's and I think that's where they are going as well
That way, you don't even need internet to have a digital library only
Ah well, we'll see what comes of it

rainslacker1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

So long as there are a significant number of people buying retail games to make retail profitable, we will continue to have retail games. We still have physical CD's, and it was only last year where digital downloads of songs outsold physical sales. It took close to 10 years to make that happen, as well as a bigger acceptance and more devices to make it more appealing. Lets face it. If MP3's weren't available on people's phones, physical CD sales would still command their lead.

Streaming/digital sales still hasn't replaced physical movie sales either.

Consumer spending habits don't change that quickly, and I don't care what most people say, the fact is there are always going to be a significant number of people that want retail.

For now, digital is an option. It will likely remain an option well into the future, and the last time an all digital future was put on the gamer, it didn't go over so well.

Not speaking towards you here, but it seems a lot of people have very short memories if they already forgot the backlash MS got less than a year ago over a pseudo all digital future.

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Festano1411d ago

I'm afraid that it will take a long time to fix our infrastructure.

Alexious1411d ago

Yeah...Tell me about it. Telecom...GRR

ricochetmg1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

It will not they just don't want to pay for it.

rainslacker1410d ago

A good part of the country(US) still isn't caught up with the last upgrade that started taking place about 10 years ago.

It's mostly the cable/phone companies that foot the bill for this, sometimes with help from the government, but they will want to milk the profit from that for as long as possible.

curtis921411d ago

Google Fiber will lead the way

Alexious1410d ago

Yeah...In 30 years or so

BABYLEG1410d ago

Sooner than 30 years. The US can skip all the other upgrades and go straight to fiber without really wasting money since we'll be upgrading. Other countries will have to keep what they have for some time to come. Its the way the world works.

Mr_Writer851411d ago

@ The_Infected

Or when digital makes more money than retail.

Which could be a long away.

ricochetmg1411d ago

Till the american government does that it wont happen private industries will not touch it.

3-4-51411d ago

Physical will always remain, it just might not be sold through the game companies.

Random companies will sell storage devices like USB Harddrives or something similar and people will store them on those, essentially allowing people to create there own 6-in-1 collection games like the old Sega Genesis days.

GraveLord1411d ago

One day as in maybe in 100 years? Sure.
One day as in 5-10 years? Highly unlikely. I'll explain why....

-Unavailability of internet, let alone fiber optic networks fast enough to download games quickly in many parts of the world where Playstation is popular.
-Lack of retailer promotion. Retailers to a great job at promoting games and consoles. Without retail, this industry would be a lot smaller. We'd all be playing free-to-play crap monetized with ad revenue and/or microtransactions.
-Most of us just prefer physical media. Maybe we're collectors or maybe we like owning a game and lending it to friends.

Here's my prediction: Physical Media will always be here. File sizes will only continue to get bigger and bigger and I don't think the internet speeds will increase fast enough to support large games file downloads.(even in America) There will be a new format that will replace Blu-Ray, it will be hundreds of gigabytes in size.

rainslacker1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Blu-Ray can already theoretically handle 200 GB's, and possibly more. Expandability is built into the spec itself. Game sizes were held back this gen for the bigger games mostly due to the 360 retaining a DVD drive, however, many AAA PS3 exclusives filled up those 50 GB BR discs.

There may be some data duplication on BR discs, but game sizes will always grow. It's just the nature of the beast.

I believe retail will have to adapt to more people using digital content. It's certainly becoming more accepted. However, go into a gamestop or best buy on the weekend, and there are a lot of people that still buy their games physically.

Retail will probably always remain a choice. I still have no idea why people insist that it will be only digital one day soon(5-20 years), and that retail will go the way of the dodo. Why they would even want the choice removed is beyond me.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

This is a great idea and great news because it's Sony and the PS4 that want's to do this. Always online and DRM would be good to while we're at it.

But if someone other game companies wanted to try that... SCREW THAT MESS!!!!11!!ONE!!!

FunkMacNasty1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Hey remember when Digital only was a bad idea?? Oh, that's right, it's a good idea if Sony wants to do it. It's just a terrible idea for any other company to do it.

Wake up ya meatheads... digital only is ALWAYS a bad idea, regardless of which mega corporation's idea it is.

EDIT: miDnightEr you beat me to it! ;-)

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XiSasukeUchiha1411d ago

Sony might go without physical games! I'm sorry to say just think another ten years until internet improves, and people will understand

Sony I'm sorry to say but physical games are to be with us for a long time!

kaiserfranz1411d ago

Let's not get way ahead of ourselves now!

MasterCornholio1411d ago

That's what consumers did when Microsoft announced their DRM policies.

And look what happened.


MegaRay1411d ago

Lol and we should boycott steam too, and Xbox since they're gonna make everything cloud based

Nero13141411d ago

So is that drm ????? I hate buying digital games btw

stavrami1411d ago

Yea it's on the horizon, this time in 30 transit will be all digital