Xbox One: 5 Brilliant Uses Beyond Gaming

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Not too long ago, Microsoft launched their personal vision for the future of gaming in the form of a brand new console that goes beyond and sets out to revolutionises the living room entirely. Yes, the Xbox One, Microsoft’s third and latest console, is one that can do more than run games, thanks to next generation hardware and a multimedia-oriented operating system.

However, some remain skeptical given the fact that the console almost became the opposite according to Microsoft’s earlier plan to implement restrictive DRM features. Although those plans have long been abandoned in favor of concerned consumers, many still felt that Microsoft had already crossed a line and would ultimately fail as a result.

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Kingthrash3601646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

beyond gaming?
skype, streaming, tv, fantasy football, built in dev kit.
i belive ms's focus on this (MOST if not all behind a paywall) plus the kinect has hurt the gaming side of the system. with all the drm 24hr check-in fiascos and 180's the bad tastes still there...sour as it wants to be.
im sure the x1 is a great system and im sure its features are cool. its the why that ms as a company went about the system. online mp should be the only thing behind a paywall..all the cool features shouldnt. 360 owners complained about this and they didn't listen. skype is free, youtube is free streaming should be free but its behind a just so wrong. whats worse? paid services like netflix and hulu are now double the cost having to pay for live AND the apps monthly.
yes ps4 has a paywall and in a way that sucks too but only for MOST online mp games. f2p games like blacklight and are free in total with no paywall. if you have ps+ then you just get more free games across 3 systems. ms needs to offer more and cut down on the paywall...f2p games behind a paywall?!? gtfo.

malokevi1646d ago

I just like how easy it is to turn on and use without a controller. I haven't even bothered to set up anything on my PS4 besides getting PSN going and downloading games, because I just pipe it through my Xbox anyways. If I wanted to watch netflix (which I always do) on my PS4, I would have to grab my controller and navigate to the app. With my Xbox, I'm up and running by the time I sit down, and don't even need to bother finding my conch.

People might call me lazy, but I dont care. It's the little things that make it such a great experience. Ease of access means that I use my Xbox a lot more than my Playstation. Not that they aren't both great, but there is something about cutting out those extra few steps (turn on TV, turn on receiver, grab controller, flick sticks and press buttons, pick up controller every time Netflix stops the rotation of you want to access another app, turn off TV, turn off receiver) that is so damn delightful.

christocolus1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I totally agree, its very convinient to navigate and do other stuff just using kinect. Its brilliant,but with rumors piling up, ill be sad to see ms take it out of the box in the future.

KingDadXVI1646d ago

I have to agree. The damn thing is so convenient to use and realistically we are only 2 months into the launch. There will be tons of updates and new features that we have never heard of or thought of.

On top of it all I really like that they are listening to the community and trying to incorporate the features that we want.

I will be getting a PS4 this coming Christmas so that I have all 3 next gen consoles but it looks like the Xbox One will take up the role of primary console for me the same as the 360 did last gen.

@Christocolus Don't fall for all the flame bait articles about the Kinect being unbundled. It will not happen. There is no incentive as the machine is selling like gangbusters and exceeding all of MS's expectations.

Automatic791645d ago

The Xbox multitasking is awesome. Over the weekend I was watching the San Fran game and Luther in BBC America on snap mode at the same time while both were on commercials I quickly jumped back to Assassins Creed to finish another mission. The system always kept me in the last spot I was in without saving. This is one of the many reasons why I love it.