PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U - USA Launch Sales Comparison

"In this first article we will be comparing the aligned launches of the three 8th generation home consoles in the USA. The Wii U launched on November 18, 2012, the PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2013, and the Xbox One on November 22, 2013.

The PlayStation 4 had the biggest opening week in the US with sales of 963,127. The Xbox One launched with sales of 652,045 and the Wii U with sales of 421,840."

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XiSasukeUchiha1501d ago

PS4 beating Xbone confirmed and Wii U still ahead of Xbone good job Sony and Nintendo!

Bobby Kotex1500d ago

Good job Nintendo? Their console is selling horribly. Some people just won't admit it.

georgeenoob1500d ago


What a surprise! A cheaper console selling it's more expensive competitor at launch!

Biggest1500d ago

The PS3 sold more consoles in its first year than the 360 did. Shouldn't that be the other way around since the prices are the other way around?

kayoss1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Wait, weren't you the guy that kept saying that x1 will leave the ps4 eating dust regardless of it higher price because its a more superior console? Why the excuse now?
You are the biggest Sony troll on n4g. Microsoft should make you their mascot.

NeoTribe1500d ago

Yeah, they purposely forget to mention wii u has had a year+ to sell lol. Nintendo is selling horrible. Ps4 is killing both. Xbone in reality is beating nintendo. If xbone came out when wii u did, this article would not exist.

BullyMangler1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

try to focus on what determines somethings glory, SOFTWARE, lol sales.

And right now wiiU has better more higher quality more challenging more INVENTIVE games, more so than anything found on x1 and ps4 < fact

ps4 = Resogun

x1 = Forza

wiU = (:

sales are neat, but are you guys gonna have fun with the sales, or the games?

Nintendo wins and always will, get used to it fannies haha.

GameSpawn1499d ago

What is worrying (when looking at the launch lined-up graphs) is the "growth" curve of the WiiU.

The curve is very shallow and has "plateaued" out. When looking at a graph this way you get a better idea of consumer interest in a console/product over time (the longer the time frame and more sample points the better).

So while the WiiU has a head start, waning consumer interest doesn't reassure the longevity of that lead.

The Xbox and PS4 both have pretty steep "curves" showing LOADS of consumer interest and no signs of "plateau" in the near future, but this is to be expected for ANY launch. A better picture will form over at least 2 years worth of data for all three about what consumers prefer.

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fanboybeatdown1500d ago ShowReplies(3)
Bdub20001500d ago

Someone need help reading numbers? Wii u just sold 2mil units in over a year, and xbox1 is at 2mil units in a few weeks and somehow you read that wii u is beating xbone? Plus, how old is this data? Xbone and ps4 sales are way higher than that today as press released by Sony and Microsoft (around 3 million units for the 2013 fiscal year, right?) . How is any of this articles data even relevant today?

Props to Sony, they are getting great publicity and threw down a beast console, but no need to slam xbone, it's a great console too with different potential than Sony, other than greater graphic possibilities.

kayoss1500d ago

This is only talking about U.S launch. World wide numbers is obviously higher for botth consoles.

G20WLY1499d ago

The European equivalent article is here:

No surprises to see it languishing in the awaiting approval section - some people seem to think only US sales matter, sadly.

Still, all consoles are selling pretty well. Should shut up all those "the console industry is dead" muppets, anyway! :)

starfox0791500d ago

Sony have always beat Nintendo on week 1 sales in every country except Japan and the US so who cares,WiiU had zero advertisements ps4 had more advertising then the Olympics so in that regard it sold crap.

raptorjacob1500d ago

Not true. Wii u had a lot of commercials around launch.

Pogmathoin1500d ago

Well plenty of mascots for Sony here too... MS and Sony must get together, have some beers, and have a great laugh looking at this site.... jeez people... get over it... We have been nothing but free advertising for them, something that costs millions, but do for free by blind loyalty... very smart people...

Fanci1500d ago

Wii U was released a year earlier than the Xbox One and PS4, yet both the PS4 and Xbox One (Almost) caught up in less than a couple months, even with the one year head start. You're seeing something that I'm not.. "Good Job Nintendo"?

MrTimesplitters1499d ago

WOW and the 3DS rapes them both. In the words of "SONYS" shu yoshida "Wii U is just getting started"

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mochachino1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

It's amazing PS4 is ahead of xone in the US where the xbox brand has become synonymous with gaming.

When some ol'timer (or more likely non-gamer) with little to no idea about gaming refers to videogames they say 'xbox'.

But they used to say 'playstation' and before that 'nintendo' so I guess whatever is most popular is the go to term.

Qrphe1500d ago

PS2 was a lot stronger in the US in thr 6th gen than the 360 was in the US in the 7th gen yet the Xbox gained dominance. This market share transition is not completely unexpected.

Skip_Bayless1500d ago

360 isn't synonymous with gaming. It wasn't that big. It was synonymous for the player that played Triple-A multiplats.

kayoss1500d ago

You mean halo and call of duty?

mediate-this1499d ago

What?? Explain that horrible theory of yours.

BitbyDeath1500d ago

Why does this state PS4 sold 963,127 in the first week when PS4 sold over 1 million in the first day?

Hicken1500d ago

That included Canada. And keep in mind the PS4 was virtually sold out after that first weekend of sales.

Plus, you know, VGChartz.

MASTER_RAIDEN1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

if theres one thing i cant stand about this site, its that users talk about numbers from vgchartz as if theyre somehow legit. these estimations mean absolutely nothing.

Bdub20001500d ago

Totally agree. Both Sony and Microsoft posted their sales figures already, which are way off of this article. Sony still ahead of x1, not arguing that...

Spartan1191500d ago

Pro Sony vgchartz article....legit.

Pro Xbox vgchartz article....false, unreliable etc etc

MasterCornholio1500d ago

Well if VGs numbers favored the Xbox One those numbers would be false because at CES Sony confirmed their numbers and Microsoft as well. With a difference of 1.2 million consoles it wouldn't be an honest mistake if VG puts the Xbox One ahead with their figures.

jessupj1500d ago

Pro Xbox vgchartz article....legit.

Pro Sony vgchartz article....false, unreliable etc etc.

There's hypocrisy on both sides so please be quite. The relentless whining and bitching about the sony fanboys on this site is getting extremely annoying.

Captain Qwark 91500d ago

the same could be said about the relentless whining and bitching about the xbone on this site is getting extremely annoying.

i personally dont understand either. unless sony or ms cuts me a paycheck, i couldnt care less about which win so long as they both do well

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