Driveclub Design Director Denies Accuracy of February 22nd Japanese Release Date

The release date of Driveclub for Japan is marked as February 22nd by basically every source, including the official PlayStation website and the official Sony store, but Design Director Paul Rustchynsky denied its accuracy.

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1680d ago
WeAreLegion1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Betting on a release announcement at Sony's PlayStation Meeting in February. (Complete guess on that event, by the way. I just assume we'll see one about the VR Headset.)

I'm betting on a March release. It will be our PS Plus game for March.

XiSasukeUchiha1680d ago

May be they want to put time into it just wait till feburary people

Mexxan1680d ago

Wish they'd so a little more for all the patient gamers eagerly awaiting and who didn't kick up a stink at the delay 0 C'mon give us a little bit of automotive T&A (sorry, weird, I know.....)

Callediceman1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

i totally agree give me some hi res screens some high res gameplay not the shitty vids on their facebook.. i can wait just give me some action (i kinda went the weird route as well hmm )

darksky1680d ago

The lack of any new footage or even pics is getting quite annoying especially when the Project cars devs release stuff nearly every week.

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