The real product of Valve’s Steam Machine movement is an idea

The 12-14 Steam Machine's themselves are not the product. We're already consuming Valve's actual product: an endless advertisement designed to boost consumer faith in an idea. But that's not where it ends. Our knowledge and comfortability with Valve's plans lays the foundations for their foray into new territories - we are, as PCGMedia argue - docile investors, manipulated into creating a sense that everything Valve is doing is commercially viable.

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Saryk1675d ago

Good article, ask some questions for a conspiracy theorist. I doubt Valve wants a monopoly though, that is stretching it.

RogueSmurf1675d ago

Thanks! It comes dangerously close to being a conspiracy, but really it's just standard business protocol - Valve just don't get questioned because they've always been the 'cool guys'.

Saryk1675d ago

That I can appreciate! Always question everything, even if it is unpopular!